Rothschild Power

Rothschild Power

The Rothschild’s are known as worldwide financial gurus and leaders of not only the mysterious world, but of the world in general as far as profit margins go.

The reason for this is that their particular bloodline goes back several hundreds of years, some say even thousands.

The Rothschild’s own High Priests of Lucifer as they are called own almost every major publishing firm or company in the world, which is pretty amazing if one was to take a moment and think about it. 

The family of Rothschild is one that hails from Europe originally of a German or commonly called Ashkenazi, Jewish origin. This particular family is famous for creating what became the European banking system toward the end of the 1700’s. Many of the Rothschild descendants were elevated to the rank of nobility during the Habsburg Empire by the Francis II in early 1800’s. Another side of the family, located in Britain was elevated to the level of Nobility by Queen Victoria herself and by the 19th century, this esteemed family owned one of the most prominent fortunes in all of the world.

In the book, ‘The Synagogue of Satan – The Secret History of Jewish World Domination,’ a tale is told detailing the Rothschild family’s involvement in much of the world’s industry and since have been known to be attached to the concept of World Domination. It is hard not to think of this group when one things of money, or art, or even war as a result of their involvement in many political battles. In essence, when it comes to modern society, one cannot look at a dollar bill or how money is handled and not think of the Rothschild family. 

One of the most famous stories associated with their Jewish heritage and with their involvement in modern day’s money system is in the old folk story referencing two neighbor horse farmers who came together one day to discuss business. The first farmer sold his horse to the second for a quarter of a million dollars and then bought it back for $20 more. As a result, the farmer could then advertise that he had paid over a quarter of a million for the horse which was actually only worth $20. Thus was born the concept of inflation. The net worth of the Rothschild family as of 1997 was estimated to be at about 1.9 trillion at only a measly 4%. And despite the fact that not everyone knows about them, they are involved in everything that we see and do in our everyday lives, in one way or another.

Rothschild, Money and Gold have long since held a mystical sort of autonomy all over the world, particularly for those in the United States who find their ability to just keep making money interesting where they have been met with some criticism as a result of their political ties. And the Rothschild’s have performed many financial coups both in England in 1815 and then in France. But in more recent days there has been a shift in the tactics which they used to pull money from the public. Instead of being in the limelight so to speak, as they were throughout the last century, they have begun to operate more in the background. This ‘modern,’ approach causes them to be as Puppeteers would to puppets, handling things on a large scale in the back ground, thus giving them an insidious character in some treacherous play. 

The Rothschild’s success has long been associated with some kind of mystical power which was always rumored to be in some way associated with magic - there is no factual evidence of this. But in the 1970’s the family began to take a more open approach with regards to their spirituality. The baroness Philippine de Rothschild, who entered her father’s very successful wine business in the late 1970’s began to acquire fame as a potential Satanist when she would go out to publicized events wearing necklaces with the image of Baphomet, a pagan deity. The image of Baphomet is usually a combination of a half goat/half human scenario and originally became popular in 1854 by Eliphas Levi which he drew in his book, ‘Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie." This particular image of Baphomet ended up becoming the image of the Devil in the Rider-Waite deck.

Many myths surrounding the Rothschild’s are primarily not provable, but they have been associated with much mystery and mysticism throughout the centuries. Guy de Rothschild heads the dynasty.

By Florance Saul
Nov 7, 2012