With its feather’s sheen the rooster has come to be a symbol that is in relation to light, with its vibrant colors and its tail feathers that curve at the top looking like a fan it came to mean illumination - which allow us to see the way - and fanning out of brilliance.

It is a symbolism that we must be true to ourselves and show the world the different personalities that shrouds us.

In most cases, the rooster, as what we said earlier is being associated to the light but not for the Celtics and the Nordics, for they are accustomed in thinking that the rooster is something of the Underworld. They screech out in warning signaling that danger might be coming telling us the message from the underworld and reaches out to those who have fallen in battle, in others to the dead.

Religion has seen the rooster in many different ways. In ancient Greece where they believed that the rooster rose every morning to welcome and honor their gods with a cry that was from the heart that tells us that the battle has been won, that victory was achieved during the night, making it a solar emblem. It was solely adopted as sacred sign by the god of the sun, Apollo, and also into the picture the god of Greek gods Zeus, and then there were Persephone and Attis.

In Christianity, it has come to be known in the past as something that is associated to Christ’s passion because as known all around the world, the betrayal of Peter to Jesus signalled by the three crows of the rooster but later on it evolved. As time passed, it became the symbol of a saint’s repentance and the vigilance of a religion in which one should be aware of their surroundings, what is happening with the religions of today, and most importantly what is happening inside you - it tells us that reflection is a matter of constant practice. A perfect analogy of the rooster as a vigilant creature is its presence atop roofs of any building as a weathervane signalling the coming of a storm and where it might be seen and to where it might be headed.

As part of the Chinese zodiac, it deals with honesty topped with physical and moral fortitude. In addition, it has been associated with fortune, luck, fidelity, protection, and might we as well add bossiness for like the rooster’s stature with it might have been its neck that made the rooster bossy in the eyes of some - but ultimately, for the Chinese, it might not be bad to be bossy at times because a boss is always necessary in a business.

Moreover, in Japan, the rooster as well connotes something of faith and is allowed to roam free on its temple’s grounds waking up monks in the morning to which they would start their prayers.

Lastly, when the rooster shows itself in your dreams, it shows itself as a time keeper and might be telling you of the time that you might be wasting away and its voice tell us to open your eyes to reality and look into our lives more.

In conclusion, the rooster has been, more often than not, been associated& of something in the line of faith and if I so say so myself with what is good and like its crowing, it may only see and be excited of the good that is yet to come.

Rooster shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to have strength.
  • You need to flex the psychic and spiritual muscles.
  • You need good luck.
  • You need to find a way out of darkness.
  • You need good communication.

Call on Rooster as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be powerful.
  • You need to understand the power of death.
  • You need to connect to plants.
  • You need the male warrior energy.
  • You need to understand the time to jump.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013