Robin Animal Meaning

The Robin has so much to teach you in life, is a sacred bird, that offers protection and spiritual enlightenment.

Did you see a robin? Wondering what the spiritual meaning is? Generally, the Robin is lucky and a positive omen. A Robin was pricked on Jesus' thorns when he was dying on the cross and is sacred. Thus, the reason for Robin's red feathers. I am Flo and I will explore the facts, spiritual meaning, and of course what it means if you just keep seeing a Robin. In short, the spiritual meaning of a robin includes transformation, growth, renewal, passion, change, and power. The robin is all about perseverance and trying to “keep on keeping on.” The Robin can teach you how to focus and trust yourself better. Robins have passion and this can be a sign spiritually.

The red color on the robin's breast is also connected to Kundalini and spiritual growth. Maybe you have seen Robins in your garden or a Robin poked out of the thicket in a tree. Just this morning a robin was preaching on a tree, singing away to me. I saw its mouth open and I know the bird was trying to say something spiritual. So, this is exactly what I am going to write about. The sign of a robin outside my window spiritually means something special to me, my Grandad was called Robin. Since he died ten years ago when I see robins on a regular basis and do believe that they have a spiritual meaning.

What does the Robin visiting you mean?

If a robin keeps visiting you in indicates good luck. According to myths and legends, Robins appear once a loved one is dead. Allegedly, the Robin is often seen after you encounter a loss of someone you love, who is the spirit of the deceased person trying to tell you not to worry and that they love you. A simple message from heaven, that this loved one is watching over you. Many people have proven this legend true. Robins also appear spiritually, to remind you to uncover the happiness. To see two robins consequently can indicate that you should share your knowledge. Robins are also associated with the end of an old phase and the entering of a new one. To see Robin means you need to let go of what no longer serves you and find something else to bring you joy and happiness. The Robin bird is encouraging you to be brave again.

What does it mean if a robin enters your house?

Robins in folklore may bring worry and despair, these beliefs are from ancient cultural perspectives - and are not necessarily connected to real life thoughts. On the other hand, a Robin may also bring light. If a Robin flies into your home through an open window there is a superstition that someone may die. I know this is a bit extreme, I don’t necessarily believe this is true, negative superstitions such as these should really be ignored, so don’t worry but I like to cover the meaning nevertheless.

What are the superstitions of seeing a robin?

There are many superstitions that surround Robins. These are mainly gathered from the 1930s books. I will now go over the most popular.

  • It is unlucky to kill a robin.
  • Seeing a Robin flying denotes good luck.
  • A Robin feeding in the garden represents news on its way.
  • Seeing Robins fighting indicates a new phase of life.
  • Seeing a dead Robin on the ground can imply that you will need to focus on your goals for a while.
  • In Germany, the Robin is supposed to protect against lightning.
  • If a bride sees a robin on the way to the church her marriage will be lucky.
  • Seeing a robin tapping on the window of a house can indicate illness.

Is it bad or good luck to see a robin?

The Robin bird is associated with myths and legends about death and soul rebirth over the years. However, you can never know if seeing a Robin is a sign of bad luck, because most of the time, we create our own luck. If a robin enters the house (as I have mentioned above) it represents death. The famous psychologist Carl Jung said that birds, in general, represent our inner spirit. He associated birds with angles, the supernatural and souls. If you start a research on this particular bird symbolism, you will find that Robins were and still are associated with the soul. It’s believed that they’re messengers of the gods. Some say it brings bad luck, while others claim they’ve been very lucky once they saw a Robin bird.

What does it mean when you see a red robin? If you see a red robin, it means you’re given the ability to grow in a better direction in life. Red Robins symbolize renewal in different areas of your life. They teach us to accept and apply changes with joy, smile, and a song because changes are always welcome. Also, the red robin shows you how to increase the passion in your life and enjoy “life” a bit more. The energy of the Red Robin teaches us how to move forward with perseverance, tenancy, and grace. To see a Red Robin in your life means you’re reminded of your goals. Are you giving up on your personal goals? Are you lacking compassion and patience in life?

What does it mean to have a robin as your spirit animal?

  • Life and Transformation: The robin has been regarded as a religious symbol. Religiously speaking, the Robin represents the blood of Christ and the feathers are associated with spears from his crown of thorns. Even though we often see the Robin on Christmas cards (which represents the bird's connection with Christ) it is clear that seeing a robin is represented by feasting and human survival.There is no doubt about the fact that seeing a robin can indicate feeling a sense of transformation. Seeing a robin flying in your garden can imply that you will experience a vast amount of changes. These changes will enter your life with positive energy. The Robin teaches us that we should be grateful for life (as the redbreast represents blood). In olden spiritual books, the robin can indicate that you should have the belief that things will work out well. After all, believing is one of the most important virtues in life. Robins are often connected to transformation and changes. You will find that some big changes may happen in your life in the near future. The robin as your animal totem is trying to warn you that, you need to believe more in yourself and think about the importance of what you need in life. When a robin comes to the window this indicates you need to do a lot of laughing and be ready for the renewal which is going to happen. In order to embrace the renewal, try to forget about your past and move forward to your future.
  • Heroic Action: Turning to poetry, famous poets such as Richard Mabey covered the robin in his famous poem known as “redbreast” or “swifts” by Ted Hughes. The robin in these poems was featured as being heroic. Therefore, spiritually the Robin indicates being able to move through life with confidence, which is embedded in avian icons seen in these poems. The Robin is a bird that captures our hearts and we admire them. This can be a sign that others will admire and love you. You are passionate because the robin is your spirit animal. This bird automatically brings great energy and action into your life.
  • New Relationships: If you are single the robin can imply a new relationship. Connection and communication are represented in the robin. If the robin is your spirit animal the bird could be trying to communicate the fact that you should undertake new relationships. The bird is trying to teach you that you need to enjoy Mother Nature and love, and all the beauties which “life” has given to you.
  • Lady Luck: Robins have always been associated with good luck if you do not see one in your home. So, if the Robin happens to fly by you, or be your spirit animal, then it means you will encounter lady luck. To see more than one robin can imply that you will leave the past behind you and start afresh. The spirit deep within the robin will encourage you not to worry because your future will be positive.
  • Awareness:The robin can imply a new awareness and intention in life. What’s really going on in your world? How can the awareness of the Robin help you? Think about how robins whisper to you, the songs and alarm calls. Seeing a robin and connecting to this bird is spiritual. The robin mates in spring. Thus, a robin has a beautiful spring song and when it brings a song into your life, you will feel renewed and this can indicate being more aware in life. Whenever it appears in your life, you will be able to sing your own song and nothing else will make you stop from singing. Being a symbol of greater awareness, the Robin also symbolizes renewal and transformation.
  • Endurance: A robin is all about endurance, so if it becomes your spirit animal, it means that you will need to be patient and wait for new opportunities to enter your life. To see a robin’s nest in older folklore indicates you should not rush anything and that in time dreams will come true.
  • Contentment:The robin as your spirit animal will bring happiness in life, according to old folklore. The robin will teach you that you need to change your attitude and you should face the world with happiness in your heart.

What does it mean to have a robin as your animal totem?

As an animal totem, the robin will definitely bring to your life happiness. The robin will help you to see things from another perspective and you will be able to understand what it means to be truthful. As your animal totem, the robin will make you forget your past as that is what will make you feel better and renewed. You will need to focus on your future. You need to move forward and forget your past. Expect several changes which are positive in your life in the near future.

A robin is family oriented. It will do anything to make sure that its young ones are well protected and provided for no matter what it takes. So, if you have it as your animal totem, it will definitely mean that you are family oriented and that you love your children and will do what it takes to make sure that they are provided for and protected. You are passionate because of the animal totem that is in your life. It is going to provide you with a sweet song to make great changes in your life. At the end of the day, you will be a happy person thanks to the animal totem in you.

The significance of seeing a robin?

To see a robin means all your wishes will come true at a certain point. All you need to do is concentrate on what you want to achieve. Practice patience and watch your dreams come true. The significance of seeing a robin is connected to your future plans and vision. The robin appears is also connected to your inner vision and help you find your path.

What does the red robin mean as a spiritual symbolism?

Red Robins are usually associated with Christmas. Wonder why? Read on. Back in time, the postmen in Victorian Britain were called “robins” because of their red uniforms. Meaning, the robin on Christmas cards represents the postmen who delivered the card.

There’s one more legend associated with red robins. Apparently, a robin rested upon Jesus' shoulder while he was on the cross in order to relieve his suffering with a song. After he died, blood from his crown stained the bird’s chest. Robins are associated with Christ’s suffering and are red-breasted ever since. The symbolism of red robins is also associated with good luck, divine sacrifice, and the celebration of spring – new beginnings and wisdom.

What is the robin metaphysical meaning?

Here I am going to help you understand the robin bird facts and the metaphyical meaning. The American Robin by its orange belly and mellow song. And, did you know the Robin is often the last bird heard before sunset? Robin’s are quite popular in North America and Europe, additionally, the Robin is the national bird of Great Britain. Back in Victorian times, Robins were killed for food. However, today, they are protected by the Migratory Bird Act in the US.

  • The Robin enjoys visiting gardens and loves its food, in fact, we generally restock the bird table to ensure that the robin gets enough food.
  • Robins are in our lives throughout the year and sing all times including New Years Day.
  • In March and April robins stake out the garden for territories. During these months the Robin mates, builds a nest and lays eggs.
  • A baby robin is brown in color has pump body and beady eyes.
  • Robins only live for a year or two.
  • Robins fight rival males to death, they express themselves aggressively.
  • I have mentioned this before but an important fact is that Robins are religious symbols and in Christian mythology, the robin was caught in the thrones on the cross and the readbreast symbolizes the blood of Jesus.
  • The female Robin normally has around 5-7 eggs.
  • Both robins feed their chicks for two weeks, after this time they fly.
  • Both the male and female robins look the same and it is hard to distinguish between them. But if you take a second look at the female, you will notice it’s a slightly darker color than the male counterpart.
  • If poorly the Robin carries a virus known as West Nile virus, the American Robin is a well-known bearer for the West Nile virus. Another fun fact about these birds is that they get drunk every now and then. Sometimes, they flock to ferment berries, and just can’t get enough. By consuming large quantities, they get drunk. I bet you did not know that!
  • Besides having fun, they exhibit similar behavior of drunken people such as falling over while trying to walk. Normally, they’re known for their running and stopping the behavior.

What do the female robins mean spiritually?

I have mentioned that male and female Robins are surprisingly similar but when you look closely, there’s a slight difference in the brightness. The female is a bit darker. She has also faded and washed out feathers. Nature made female Robins slightly different than males in order to camouflage better in the wild and keep herself safe as she incubates her eggs.

What does it mean to see robins eggs?

A robins eggs are light blue in color. In fact, they are the same color as the sky. This color is connected to the chakra of communication and the egg is associated with a new beginning due to communications. Most birds would lay their eggs at sunrise. However, that’s not the case with robins. They lay their eggs in the morning, meaning spiritual renewal. Robins eat multiple worms during the breeding season. And they know that worms are most available before sunrise, so they use the late hours to hunt for prey. Unlike most birds, Robins usually only lays four eggs or she lays an egg a day until their clutch is full. If you remove one egg per day, some species continue to lay for a long time, until they feel the clutch underneath complete. But not Robins – they usually stop at four eggs. Fours are connected to managers and builders, this indicates you will succeed in building a business from the ground up. The eggs (if you see them in real life) is a spiritual sign that you will have confidence going forward. Another interesting fact about these birds is that the female allows the eggs to stay cool to prevent the chicks from early development. The female Robin prefers to incubate her eggs at the same time, so they develop equally. I have to admit – Robins are very smart. The female starts incubating her babies during the night after the second egg is laid or after all four eggs are laid. She sits on them for 12 to 14 days and has everything under control around the incubating. She never leaves her babies for more than 5 to 10 minutes a day.

What are robbin redbreast superstitions?

The Robin redbreast bird is associated with transformation and death since pre-roman times. Back then, it was believed that Robin birds were a gift from the gods. Allegedly, these birds were the souls of dead soldiers. There’s no actual evidence to confirm if this is true, however, people still associate the Robin bird with death. Numerous stories have been recorded involving Robin and the soul of deceased people. For example, a son claims that his father’s favorite bird was Robin, and he keeps seeing one on the anniversary of his father's death. As I have detailed in my opening statement my Grandfather was called Robin and I believe he visits me through the robin. Another story was that a women from Peru died on Christmas day, in the garden were Robins were flying. Her relatives actually see at least five robins flying around on the day of her death every year. And not just once but constantly. This isn’t the only story associating Robins with death.

What does the name Robin mean?

The American robin is named after the European robin because of the similarities. They both have reddish-orange breast. However, they’re not closely related. The European robin bird belongs to the Old World flycatcher family, while the American belongs to the thrush family. Did you know that Robin is an American name that’s often associated with shining, brightness, and lightness? Also, it’s a boys’ favorite name since the middle ages.

What is the significance of robins in mythology?

Back in time, it was believed that the Robin bird is divine. According to old mythologies and many legends, the famous Robin bird symbolizes passion, honor, renewal and new birth. In European mythology, it was believed that this bird is a symbol of divine sacrifice. According to legends, the Robin bird is somehow related to Christmas and New Year and the birth of a person’s new spirit once he or she passes away. To choose Robin as your totem animal or if the bird picks you implies that you’ll learn many new things. And once you start learning, you will feel reborn. Happiness will finally enter your life, so good news right! Sometimes, the Robin bird appears in your life to teach you a greater wisdom and patience. The bird is a symbol of new beginnings and luck. Meaning, you’re a lucky person if the Robin bird enters your life. The Robin bird is also associated with renewal and passion.

The Red Robin is the portent of spring. It’s one of the first visual signs that warm weather is soon on its way. The Red Robin celebrates spring with mellow song and symbolizes renewal, fresh beginnings, and hope. The Red Robin bird is also a symbol of pleasure, joy, contentment, satisfaction, clarity, rejuvenation, bright future and happiness. A robin is a small bird which has both spirit and symbolic meaning attached to them. It has been a spirit animal which has been around for quite a while. In the mythology of Europe, this bird has been around for thousands of years. It is thought to be a symbol of divine sacrifice.

It was used as a symbol of the spirit of rebirth during new year and in old tales and myths, a robin was a symbol of honor and passion. They are also referred to as spring birds which simply means new birth and renewal. So if the bird flies into your life, it is going to teach you several things. A robin is one bird which you shouldn’t let go of your life as it is bringing good things. Its song is so beautiful and it is known to bring happiness and joy to your life.

Symbolic characteristics and traits of a robin:

The robin in the spirit world is known as the divine bird. The Robin is a symbol of good luck and the fact that spring is impending. To see a robin flying can indicate a symbol of renewal, passion and new beginnings. Alternatively, it could represent patience and wisdom. If the robin pays you a visit on your windowsill or porch, it could mean that a soul is visiting you, the robin brings with it an important message which I will discuss below.

What does it mean to dream about a robin?

It is very natural to have a dream about a robin to bring an important message to you. Make sure that when it happens, you remember everything that happened in the dream in order to come out with a detailed analysis of the same. In most cases, a dream about a robin is all about renewal which is going to happen in your life. You are going to experience a lot of changes in your life but you need not worry because it will positive for you.

  • A flying robin: When you have a dream where the robin is flying, it is indicative of success in your career which is about to happen. There is no need to feel yourself with worries because there is going to be successful in your job in no time.
  • Catching a robin: A dream where you see yourself catching a robin implies that, there is something negative about to happen. You are likely going to experience some health issues in the near future.
  • Killing a robin: A scenario where you see yourself killing a robin means that, you are having fights or quarrels with your friends or family.
  • A dead robin: A dream where you see a dead robin, it is the sign that you are expecting many problems and difficulties in the future period. It will be tough for you to get through all of them but what will help you to survive is patience and positive attitude.

How do robins mate?

This is quite interesting as it can connect to our own love life. During the mating period, the male develops black feathers on their heads which disappear afterward. In most cases, they return to their summer breeding areas ahead of their female counterparts and become competitive in searching for nesting. During the breeding season, they are monogamous, but the female might be forced to look for a new mate if the previous one doesn’t show up. After the female choose their mates, it is due to the song, plumage, and territory quality that the male tries to display her. Ones the mate is selected, a nest is built with the female being in charge. In early March or early April, the nesting starts in earnest. The female then lays an average of two to four eggs, which are then incubated for between 11 and 14 days. When the egg hatches, the nestlings are normally featherless and eyes closed for the first five days of their lives.

What are the native Indian meanings of the robin?

Native Americans have their own definition of the robin - it depends on which tribe but I will quickly go over them. For the Native Americans, the Robin signifies dawn. The beak represents the sun is in its full glory and the yellow beak attributes to the hope that the sun has brought to the Earth. The Indian tribes believe that the robin represents hope for most people, and thus the robin is associated with a new hope can be born. In addition, the yellow beak is accustomed to being mindful of what we say in life. There is a message here to keep silent about elements of life and be careful about what you say. For the Shoshone and Iroquois, (who are still Native American tribes) the robin symbolizes wisdom and the Robin can provide insight into seeing the future clearly, even when we are feeling somewhat confused. Moreover, as it came to symbolize new life it is also a sign that tells us that we must be able to enjoy life. Spring is the time for new beginning and no matter how gloomy your life has been seeing a robin as a totem animal indicates a brighter future.

What is the conclusion of a robin spiritual meaning?

With its warm voice that brings out the goodness in each one of us signaling a rebirth the Robin indicates transformation and new beginnings. If a Robin enters your garden it represents a new stage in life. I have outlined that the Robin signals the dawn of the new age as it has been considered to be the first bird to show itself all year around, especially when the cool spirit of the winter season is on us. The Robin is born at springtime, where flowers bloom and sun shines brightly during the day. I do hope this meaning has given you some insight and next time you see the Robin remember that spiritual change is on it’s way.

Robin shows up as a spirit guide when:

  • You need to understand the power of a song.
  • You need to be happy.
  • You need emotional stability.
  • You need to have wisdom.
  • You need to appreciate the change.

Call on Robin as a spirit guide when:

  • You need to know the power of songs in your life.
  • You need guidance.
  • You need encouragement.
  • You need to reenergize yourself.
  • You need to be strong.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013