Road Opener

Road Opener

The symbolic meaning is that in life we are on an open road.

Sometimes in life this road gets blocked and we face many obstacles - situations do not seem to move on.

To move the obstacles from the road from life it is normal to carry out road opener work. The main herb to help with this magic is found in tropical regions. It is known as Eupatorium villosum. The plant is mostly used in Palo Monte, in this the branches and stems are used, while in Santeria the leaves are the most used.

The same religion, Santeria or Lukumi, used this plant for religious rituals. The real road opener product must have the real plant in it; otherwise the effect will not be the desired one. If the real plant is missing, the entire product might be a fraud. So make sure that you when you purchase road opener products it contains the real plant!


In order to remove the undesired things in life the best solution is a Road Opener spiritual bath and a large cup for coffee.

The herb Eupatorium villosum is put in a bowel. Boiling water is put in the bowel and this is left to seep for ten minutes. After this time the liquid contents are placed in the bath. The remaining herb contents are be sprinkled outside the house. The bathtub must have two white candles. While bathing, the person must pray for removing the obstacle from his or her path, and to open the roads of the future.

The bath must be poured all over the body, omitting nothing in its path. After the bath is over, the person must not dry themselves - but air dry. The clothes in which the person then dresses must be white to attract good energies. From the remaining water, the person must take one glass and pour it at a crossroad. The water is to be tossed in the four directions, and for each point there are certain things to ask for. For the east road the user must pray for vitality and health, the south for luck and success, the west stands for passion and love, while the north is for wealth and prosperity. A small prayer for the Man of the Crossroads is the final touch. 

The candles at home from near the bathroom can either be pinched or let to burn on a plate for the entire day. 

The Candle spell

In order to make a road opener spell, the person needs to have a piece of paper of 4”x4” and then write Open Roads three times. After that, it must be turned ¼ clockwise. The name of the user is to be written across it three times, and then 5 bits of oil are dabbed on the corners and in the center of the name paper. The next step is to take a candle and to dab oil on it. The strokes must be towards the beneficiary and the chants will have to be positive. A plate is needed, on which the users must form a cross with road opener herb bath. The candle is put right in the middle and then lit, while praying only for good things. After the candle finishes burning, the wax can be interpreted for any signs of success. The herbs with the name paper and the remains of the candle can be thrown away at a crossroads, without looking back.

By Flo Saul
Dec 24, 2012