Red winged blackbird

red winged blackbird meaning

This animal totem is amazing. In animal symbolism, seeing a red-winged blackbird is a positive omen. Afterall, it is a beautifully crafted songbird manifesting strength and agility when flying. Spiritually, seeing this bird indicates that you need to draw from inner self.

Seeing a flock of red winged blackbird is common, they often thrive at roadsides, grassy areas and wetlands. It seems that it does not matter for them as long as they flock together in millions and consume what they can have for survival. In abundance as they say, they are seen travelling in remarkable number blending with different subspecies. They are also known for their protective traits. These red-winged blackbirds are protective of their young ones. They also protect their mates and other birds by chasing away even larger predators. They do not fear. They only know how to showcase their courage and unified effort to protect their kin.

If this bird becomes what I call your totem animal - will bring out the courage and the best side of you. As you imbibe its strong trait, you will not fear being put in the middle of a crowd. Seeing this bird land near your propery can indicate that you need to show confidence and exhibit courage. The advice, is to stand out even in the midst of crowd by showing your gifted talents and abilities.

With their names as songbirds – the existence or return and singing of the red-winged blackbirds signals for the coming of spring. This can be interpreted that having this totem will enable you to do something that can be positively associated without you. It is like creating a legacy.

What is the spiritual meaning of the red-winged blackbird

To be known of something that is highly reputable and significantly recognized in the realm of this world. This can only happen if you will make yourself known to others. Someone who takes a stand on something that you strongly believe in. Never defy the essence of your existence. Speak out your idea or your positions. Others may learn a lot from your experience.

  • This also teaches us the value of unity and strength in numbers.
  • Unified efforts can undoubtedly lead to the achievement of a goal. Be a team player. Let others know that you are dependable. 
  • Learn to make ways on how are you going to protect each other against any harm especially those who are close to you – your family. Be firm but kind-hearted.
  • Know that you can make others feel that they are loved, cared for and they are being protected.

The sense of belongingness for a person is very important to you. If you happen to encounter this bird up close (or flys over your path), it could be telling you that there is someone close to you who needs to feel this sense of belongingness.

This bird teaches you to be live with confidence and love others. This is a message from spirit of communicating well. Learning to communicate what you believe, what you feel, what you desire.

There is also a message to send these positive feelings to others and bring goodness to the community where you belong.  If this is your animal totem, the red-winged blackbird gift urges you to bring out the best in you and learning to encourage others to do the same.

Red Winged Blackbird shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need the strength of many.
  • You need to be a leader.
  • You need unity.
  • You are needing confidence.
  • You are forced to be part of a team.
  • You need to express your inner beauty.

Call on a Red Winged Blackbird as a spirit guide when

  • You have to be in front of a large group.
  • You need courage to be strong to fight for your family.
  • You are entering a new relationship.
  • You need protection and the leadership to lead you down the right path.

By Flo Saul
Jan 28, 2013