Red Panda

Red Panda

If you wish to be a gentleman or a gentle-lady, Red Panda might be preferable as your sign because he is the token of gentleness.

Despite their names, Red Pandas are not related to Pandas.

They belong to family Ailuridae, the same family that raccoons and skunks belong to . This omnivorous mammal eats insects and small mammals but prefers bamboo than any other meal. It is a small creature, generally between 55 to 60 mm in length. Its picturesque coat is red and buff in color. It has a lovely long tail and a physiognomy of a “Panda”, consequently giving it a name.

The red panda wanders in the high elevations of Himalayas and China. They are excellent climbers who inhabit forests with mild temperature. They prefer coniferous forests and deciduous forests that have trees shedding leaves annually.

Red panda likes solitary life and is active at night or in the twilight. IUCN has declared red panda as vulnerable due to human beings who hunt them down and destroy their home. It has a natural enemy too, the predating snow leopard. Being a small version of panda, it is called lesser panda. Also it is called the Nepalese Panda. It is nor aggressive and is even-tempered. Two pandas can communicate each other via whistling and squeaking.

Red panda is a lesson book of life.

  • It is satisfied with the well-being of its community – Other species, mostly humans, destroy red pandas` territorial habitats and hunt them for fur. Leading an endangered, stressful life, it teaches us about the sacrifices for the others.
  • Caring for the others – Red panda, although evolutionarily a solitary mammal, tolerates life hindrances brought upon, for the sake of others` saturation. Thus, we also must take good care of our clients at work, listen to our family members and pals and also think about others` meals before enjoying ourselves.
  • The lesson of introversion – Do you think you should ignore the local communities, charities and societies because you are introverted? No, take red panda as an example of how to dedicate time for others too.
  • Gentlemen, listen – Gentleness which might be a top priority in our professional lives is a “survival skill” practiced by the red panda. It is true that wise and gentle reaction answer challenges much effectively
  • What we know of nature – The knowledge about surviving amongst the flora community is preferable for a green life. Learn how the red panda has adapted to live in extreme conditioned conifer forests and how they survived in deciduous forests during the seasons that trees bore no more leaves.
  • Spiritual communication – The wise, old spirit of a tree , which tolerates impossible and is naturally sacred . if you do not comprehend the art , learn by observing red panda.
  • Secrets of health – Some medical practices are based on the healing power of touch. Red panda grooms its body with its paws. This ritual habit cleans its body and also stimulates vascular circulation within the body. Learn the healing power.
  • Self –sufficiency – Some people wait for others to feed them, fill their emptiness in life. Red panda finds its nourishment alone and leads a happy, active life in solitude.
  • Art of community negotiation – A lotus born in a pond full of mud, stands above the mud layer. This pure, beautiful lotus beautifies the pond as well. Likewise, red panda stays away from community in a mentor-basis. Help, but keep the barriers.

What if you dislike a red panda?

It means you do not appreciate gentleness and sweet temper. You might visualize it as a token of weakness instead of intelligence.

If you are solitary and barred from the society, search for your balance from red panda. Learn how to mix with the society, hoe=w to be socially active and yet preserve your introvert nature.

If you want a conversation with red panda?

You must be patient and focused, because he will only respond at the right time. You must be a gentle, silent visitor to him. You must be monitoring your own thoughts through meditation to learn from this wise master.

Panda shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to have good understanding.
  • You need to understand the value of slowness.
  • You need to connect to eastern believes.
  • You need to balance your life.
  • You need to adapt to situations.

Call on Panda as a spirit guide when

  • You need to connect to plant kingdom.
  • You need to be patient.
  • You need to be able to cope with situations.
  • You value slowness.
  • You have a balanced life.

By Flo Saul
Mar 25, 2013