Red - Color Therapy

Red - Color Therapy

Red is usually associated with the base chakra, which is known to have an effect on our self awareness, on our sense of human beings and place on the planet.

Perfect red can be formed by a combination between yellow and blue, but only through the light spectrum, and not by mixing colored pigments from crayons or paints, because you will obtain green.

Red has a large number of personal associations, more so than any other color.

In the process of healing, red is used against a large number of illnesses, such as:  anemia, the common flu, bad blood circulation, particular forms of depression, frigidity and love. It is not to be used in cases of arterial hypertension, fever, nervous breakdowns and emotional disorders.

To understand why red is used in curing diseases, it is important to know the effects red has on us. So, red is primarily known as a stimulant for our senses, it is known to excite us. Why? It is because red stimulates our nervous system and the endocrines, increasing the blood flow. It has invigorating effects. Red is assimilated with heat (being a fire element), and it also symbolizes power, courage, vitality, sexuality, force and vigilance. That is why it is not recommended in the treating of people who suffer from nervous breakdowns.

Red is also used in other fields, not only medicine, such as: in the restaurant business, red is used to set the table, because it is known to grow the appetite of the customers. Also, the curtains from a theatre are red, because they keep the atmosphere lively and dynamic. Red is also the favorite color of many people, and there are many fun facts or quotes about it: in the fashion industry Bill Blass’s says: "When in doubt wear red.", and "Red is the ultimate cure for sadness." In the car manufacturing industry, red is very well known because it is used by Ferrari, and red cars usually give a message of agility and high performance. 

In some cultures, like in India, women have a red mark on their forehead in order to bring them good luck, and in China red is also supposed to bring good luck. Red is also the color of communism, but it may have been chosen because of its’ symbolization of power. In Russia, red symbolizes beauty. Some believe that quick tempered people like the color red, and only them, but it is not true, anyone can appreciate the sight of such a beautiful color. 

Another interesting fact about red, is that some animals, like bees or bulls can’t see red, and the real reason why bulls chase after toreadors in carnivals or festivities is because the bull chases the movement, and not the color. Red is a beautiful colour, that can lead to many interpretations and has many uses in very different domains, so give it a try and let it influence you in a positive way!

By Flo Saul
Feb 12, 2013