Rat as an animal totem – sign for aggressiveness and strength even in times of difficulties.

If you happen to see this kind of animal as it visit your thought or in your dream, what does it try to tell you?

Let’s take a look at the nature and trait of this animal. Its symbolism will depend on how is it applicable in your own life. It will also depend on how you personally view the rat.

Rats signify aggressiveness as manifested in times that their routine and natural ways of living are being disturbed. At any cost especially when trapped, you will find this animal struggling to avoid this from happening. They also symbolize resourcefulness. This creature can easily adjust as to the environment they are into. Their resourcefulness, aggressiveness, and a creature with full of initiative easily leads them to adapt at any place they are into. This teaches us to initiate, be resourceful and, things will go smoothly. But be ready for any changes and adversities. Learn also how to aggressively combat against threat to your stability.

Resourcefulness is the ability to help oneself to efficiently maximize his or her ability. This tells us that it does not only involve exploiting possessed and acquired assets around you but rather knowing ways to use it efficiently. It also tells us that above anyone else do not be so dependent with other people but be confident with what you can do. Make your minds think fast, possess that adrenaline to think and act real fast especially in times of troubles. But learn to conserve as well, for you do not know what tomorrow brings you.

Having this animal as a totem makes you feel the strong drives to cope with any problem or difficulties that may come along your way. If you come across rat for real or in any way, try to think what does it suggests in your life. One could be looking into how you manage yourself and how you share a part of yourself to others. Are you supportive to the people around you or you are just being concerned of yourself and that’s it. How do you respond to the needs of the people relying on you? Do you have any fore sights on your future and the possible alternative things to do when things happen not according to what is being expected?

Rats’ action cannot be easily detected. They prefer that their movements or they themselves are not seen by others. For people believing in rat as their totem, this tells us to be discreet in observing other people, like on how are you going to bring happiness to their lives especially to your loved ones. It could also mean, understanding the level of acceptance of other people surrounding you in moments that you fail to meet their expectations. In that case you can make yourself ready and avoid being caught off guard. Thus maintaining control over your concerns. However, be aware of this behavior of being vindictive. That you may cause pain to others when the person done you wrong. This should be avoided.

As a person, learn to protect yourself but not to the extent of hurting others in return, after all rat symbolizes also support to others. Balance of the negative and positive energy that may surface for having rat as animal totem and it will show that this is something that you need to focus on in your life. The rat has a tendency to understand good and bad. For example, they are smart and adaptable and will smell out poison. It is difficult to kill a group of rats because they learn from the behaviors of others. It can be a sign for increased adaptability but also a sign to be fair in your own dealings. People will see you for who you are if you are being fake.

Rat shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need creativity.
  • You need to adapt to situation.
  • You are being overly selfish.
  • You are being resourceful.
  • You feel like others are demanding more than you can give.
  • You are cornered but also have to fight fair.

Call on a Rat as a spirit guide when

  • You need to overcome change and adaptability.
  • You are trying not to be vindictive but need understanding to pursue change.
  • You need to be aggressive in your life.
  • You need to be creative to make your living space more habitable.

By Flo Saul
Jan 28, 2013