Ram is commonly known as domesticated intact male sheep.

Unlike any other breeds of sheep that are closely associated with softness, timid and easily led. In animal symbolism, ram is a symbol of virility and power.

When suddenly a ram image draws your attention or it appears unexpectedly before you, do you happen to ponder why its image came unto you? What message is it trying to tell you? It is peculiar to learn how to associate an image of an animal to the present state of your life. This instance could guide you on how you are going to handle aspects of yourself.

Through time, a ram is a creature that has a Zodiacal symbol – Aries. This is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac. If we try to look into the interpretation of the astrological sign Aries which the Sun is precisely placed and ruled by the warrior planet Mars – bespeaks strength in inner nature. If you fall into this sign, confidence exudes from within.

This interpretation is given justice if we look back in ancient time when ram was associated with many gods over time, according to our mythology. We have Zeus and Apollo of Greece, Agni and Indra of India, Hermes the Roman, Ea and Baal of Middle East. In Celtic symbols, god Cernunnos has been depicted that he is seated with a ram and snake. This certain positioning and visuals sends the message of renewal and power.

Another creator-god in Ancient Egypt seen with a ram’s head is Amun-Ra taking the persona of Khnum, one of their earliest Egyptian deities. Khnum was associated with fertility since ram is known to be a very potent animal.

What is in the ram’s head? Ram’s horn heralds hierarchy in the flock of sheep or animal kingdom. If interpreted, it implies prominence and power. For Scandinavians, god named Thor has been associated with Ram when he used it to pull his chariot – strength and power exhibited as well.

Ram speaks of power, strength, determination, energy, virility, protection, fearlessness, fertility. If this animal with manly or masculine domineering traits is found to cross your life, there has to be a strong message being sent to you. Look within yourself, your traits, your state, your views and how is it being handled by you. In the flock of sheep, they are known to be weak and vulnerable but the traits of ram surpass this impression. Your weak traits may be there and surfacing in your personality, meditate on the ram. This may lead you to find within yourself the inner strength that needs to come out, ram will give the inspiring energy and the power for it to come out. This will help you out in sustaining the passion to attain what needs to be possessed for a better self. You may now be in a state that needs variations on ways to survive and surpass excellence, then fertility symbolized in a ram mean having productive mind with abundant ideas and schemes for development and achieving success.

There are different ways to interpret animal symbolism. You may choose to have what best fits your life.

Ram shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be fertile.
  • You need to have economic growth.
  • You need spiritual growth.
  • You need to maintain balance in dangerous situations.
  • You need to protect your boundaries.

Call on Ram as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be powerful.
  • You need to be confident in your abilities.
  • You need courage.
  • You need new beginnings.
  • You need assurance in new areas.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013