Raidho Spiritual Meaning

Raidho is also known as Rad. It means “Wheel." it is also a rune of protection.

Meaning of Raidho:

Raidho is considered to be a rune of important changes and personal development in all spheres of life. This rune is associated with communication. Controlling journey's are the key element of this rune. There will be a future shift change in life. This rune highlights distant journeys - from one place to another. These travels or journeys can be of  for spiritual purposes or even physical.

  • Key Concepts: Rituals, Self Control, Emotions, Movement in one’s life, Leadership, Decision -making power.
  • Psi: Self-enhancement, Releasing from restrictions.
  • Energy: Activity, Motion, Spiritualism.
  • Mundane: Presence of mind, Reactions, Travelling, Day-to-day knowledge
  • Divinations: Good healthy advice, Planned growth, Travel, Wrong Punishments, Hippocratic behavior, Dictating attitude, Fair to all.


  • Always follow your heart’s advice.
  • Live life in the present.
  • Take instant decisions with proper immediate actions.
  • Travel safe.
  • Have Smooth and well- planned activities in life.
  • With good leadership qualities, always try to stay ahead in all situations.
  • Know your limits well.

The journey is considered a journey of the soul, even self-transformation! What is important is that this rune equals new opportunities in life.It is likely to bring positive change in your life. This is the best time to make good decisions and acting accordingly. It is important that efforts don’t go to waste and positive energy is channeled in a constructive way.

Raidho is considered to be the rune of "living your life" in an organized style, it also connects with how one reacts to things that matter the most, instead of listening to other people's opinions this rune is all about the watcher within. This rune actually helps us in taking care of our life on a day-to-day basis. When you meditate with Raidho, you will see the change in yourself and you might start giving importance to your personal space.

To live your life in the present, you need to forget your negative experiences and fears, and unless you leave the past behind, your present won't be able to shine the way you want it. While traveling, the Raidho rune is of great help, as it helps to warn of hidden dangers ahead and enables safe travel.

Raidho also helps one understand clearly of how to maintain a balance amongst our own rights and the rights of others. It is also connected to leadership qualities and helps one understand the ability to be clear about goals in life. If it's reversed, this rune puts you on notice to try to resolve problems in relationships.

 It signifies delays and difficulties in travel plans and journeys. This also suggests that it’s time one understands possible happenings in life. Efforts will be needed to keep positive to overcome any failures.

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By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013