In animal kingdom, raccoons are considered as the kind of mammal with high sense of adaptability. They are known for their appearance to be seemingly wearing masks.

It is by this nature that raccoons are associated with deception, disguise, adaptability, curiosity and flexibility.

This creature is considered to be very clever. They have this ability to do something that is not usually expected to be done by animals of their kind. Although associated with wisdom and cleverness, this also signifies that seeing a raccoon may mean seeking for supervision.

These creatures are also known to have resemblance with the appearance and characteristic of bandits with their fur in the head looking to be like masks. There may be association with commission of mischievous activities. Let the image of raccoon serve as a warning to avoid being led to doing such unlikely behaviors.

Likewise, this can also be interpreted as you are being a person whose personality is not understood according to who you really are. You are creating that shield intentionally or not, conceal the real self. This is maybe done to purposely protect oneself from feeling any harmful reactions from the world around you or simply not knowing that you are isolating yourself from others creating the impression of not being open to yourself and to others.

Flexible by Nature

Flexibility and adaptability is good. However, be reminded that when it speaks of your relationship to others, truthfulness and honesty is very crucial. Changing identities connotes instability.  People around you may also become confused on how to deal with you which in turn will result to reservations or apprehensions creating walls that may affect your relationship with others.

Raccoons and the Spotlight

Most people with raccoon as their totem are inclined to do theatre. It could be associated with their ability to be flexible with their emotions. They can perfectly play various roles very well. Raccoons are very defensive if caught in a situation not beneficial to them. It is when their inner physical strength comes out. Raccoons are fond of taking the spotlight and will often use attention grabbing techniques to get what they want. They can be boisterous and noisy.

Curiosity: A Raccoon’s Trait

They are very much curious, however if you like to adapt this, do this with caution. Raccoons are curious but could sometime become careless. Their adaptability and flexibility can be seen as being excellent swimmers but mostly thrives and love to be found up in a tree. This also signifies the ups and downs of life. With the raccoon, do not always go with doing things fast. Think things over or you may fell into doing things that you may be regretful of. Do not get over excited to get things over and done. Doing things swiftly but with accuracy could give you better result. Try to look at the people around you. Learn from their experiences, emulate what is good but do not adapt things that are not beneficial to you and people around you.

Raccoon shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need strength.
  • You have a need for revealing your true self. that you are not read well.
  • You need flexibility.
  • You are moving too fast and need to slow down. 
  • You are materialistic.

Call on a Raccoon as a spirit guide when

  • You may need to hide your fears.
  • You may be performing and need the durability of change.
  • You need the cleverness to make it through a tough spot.
  • You need the wisdom to make it past your obstacle.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013