Rabbits are small mammals found in numerous part of the world. The rabbit's long ears (approx. 10 cm) are used for detecting predators.

Its' two front limbs is consist of 5 toes while its hind feet has 4 toes. Rabbits reproduce at a massive scale, ovulation takes place a day after the mating, and normal formation takes about 30 days. Rabbit is a part of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, representing one of the Chinese zodiacs. In Aztec mythology, this creatures are depicted as divine and Gods of Drunkenness (CentzonTotochtin). While on the Native American culture the rabbit is regarded as a trickster to teach a certain group of people a lesson. Furthermore the Asians have a distinct way of relating the rabbit with the moon's surface. A legend about the rabbit and the Lunar Goddess has been passed from generation to generation.

Rabbit is symbolizing the idea of fluctuation. There are times when you will live an abundant life and there are times that you will experience scarcity in supplies. It like the natural law of life and death, it is something that is impossible to stop. Rabbit teaches us to accept and embrace the inevitable fact of life.

Rabbit’s ability to reproduce at an alarming scale is an indication for us to reproduce our skill and abilities. Develop your field of specialty, learn and grow from it. Unlike the past animal that we discuss, rabbit does not adapt to its nature, it transform the environment in a way that will benefit him.

Most of the basic books about totem will tell you that rabbit is related to fear. There is numerous ways to interpret fear, every one of us experience to be frightened. But the rabbit ends victorious and live with it. It only means that the rabbit has the heart of a champion. If you are born under the totem of rabbit, it probably means that you have some anxiety in your life that won’t disappear. Sometimes you will feel trapped, you’ve had your limits and all things are just too much for you to handle, but I tell you now that rabbits are capable of handling that stress. Believe it or not the soft furry creature will fight back when it’s needed.

Wild rabbits are a warning sign that you are taking so much and not giving anything in return. Mother Nature is kind, it will give you everything you need, but be sure to give back. We must remember that nature also needs to heal. The rapid change on our environment indicates that Mother Nature is having a hard time keeping up with humanity. More over these undomesticated rabbits are alarming us on how we treat our self. Are you living a healthy lifestyle? We must remember to take good care of our health; some of our decision in life can harm and destroy our body.

Incidentally growth of these rabbits can also cause negative problems to the environment, Consider what happened in Australia when their vegetation's were attacked by rabbits, production that year went down on an alarming rate. This might teach us to examine our self and focus on developing things that are needed or that can help us further growth. Sometimes people are too concentrated in developing wrong areas that leads to wasting time and energy.

People who dislike the wild rabbits are those people who are quick to judge. They dislike him for ruining the land, not knowing that it is better to educate them about the effects of what they’re doing. Bear in mind that everyone is unique and special in their little way, what you’re offering might be different from what the others are offering. It’s just a matter of understanding, living harmoniously and acceptance.

If anyone of you is seeing this rabbit as shy and weak, you might want to take a second look. Those people who are generally soft spoken has a lot more in them, most of these people has an enormous stock of energy. Study yourself, look into the things that you fear, dispense all the things that is degrading you and keep the things that you need. You will see that most of these fears are helping you become a better person.

Rabbit shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be nurturing.
  • You need to be alert.
  • You need to conquer your fear.
  • You need to live by your own wits.
  • You need safety.

Call on Rabbit as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be very sensitive.
  • You need to have faith in whatever you do.
  • You need to avoid focusing on your fear.
  • You need to attract abundance.
  • You need to attract love.

By Flo Saul
Mar 23, 2013