At the moment the puppies are born their sense of smell is already working.

After two weeks, their senses develop fast; during this stage they use their nose to locate their mother, if they were separated by a small distance.

After nine to eleven days this cuddly creature is starting to open its eyes. It takes about 2-4 weeks before puppies begin to snarl, bite, wave their tails, and bark. This animal develop rapidly during their first three months, they immediately disassociate themselves with their mother when they began to open their eyes.

Puppies symbolize affection, I mean who wouldn’t love this fluffy creature, who can resist those eyes, begging you to cuddle them and love them. How many times did Hollywood created about a puppy becoming the hero of the day, saving his companion in times of trouble.

It also reminds us to be playful, enjoy every minute we have. Live as if you’re going to die tomorrow. You will regret it if you walk life with qualms and inhibitions in your life. These cute creatures remind us fresh and innocence.

Symbolic qualities are as follows

  • Faithfulness-Loyalty to its master.
  • Truthfulness-A dog in a police uniform is a reminder to our officials to be honest.
  • Devotion-the love of the puppy is unconditional.
  • Friendship- the camaraderie that formed between the master and the puppy is laudable.
  • Socialization- being comfortable with humans and other domesticated animals.
  • Awareness-Their sense of alertness.
  • Cleverness- Their ability to understand a simple instruction.
  • Concern.
  • Kindness.

Puppies also symbols of a developing relationship, during its fragile state you take care of this puppy, nourish him and protect him, a bond is starting to form. As this puppy started to grow, you play with him, bathe him and he answers you with high sense of loyalty. As the day passes the bond with the puppy and its master grow thicker and thicker.

Puppies are also representing communication of the heart, if two being does not posses the same language, both of them can still understand each other by communicating with the heart. How on earth is that possible? A simple gesture like a smile can indicates how you appreciate him, a smirk can mean of your disapproval. You can also understand each other by examining the tone of the voice. A monotonous sound means that he is bored; a high pitched sound means he’s excited. There are more ways to communicate, not just by using the local language.

There is also a possibility that the puppy is telling us to stay alert and attentive; someone out there might be trying to ruin us. The puppy is also sending us a message to be conscious.

This soft and furry creature reminds us to stay loyal to those who took care of us. Do not let those bonds go to waste. Those ties have been perfected by time. It can also mean to remember, remember the good things that a person has done to you. Never forget how a single person made you feel. And repay him with an unconditional love… like a puppy.

Puppy shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be familiar with your family.
  • You need to have wisdom.
  • You need to have unquestionable loyalty.
  • You need to have knowledge of all things sensual.
  • You need to provision of protection.

Call on puppy as a spirit guide when

  • You need companionship.
  • You need to be faithful.
  • You need to have warnings of danger.
  • You need to understand the earth and moon magic.
  • You need to be very friendly.

By Florance Saul
Mar 24, 2013