Puella is formed by dots in the order of single, double, single, single.

This figure, whose name means “the girl” in Latin, actually is formed similarly to a woman shape with a large chest and slender hips. This is the representation of a young woman in her prime, a maiden rather than a girl.

Puella relates to all things womanly and will often show up in readings concerning birth, psychic awareness, intuition, healing and nurturing. This figure is related to the sign of Libra and the element of air, giving the energy of Puella one that is quick witted, yet balanced. Most of the time, this is a positive card bearing promising a time of harmony and happiness.

This is especially true if the figure falls in favorable houses. Of course, not all women are nice. Even lovely and enticing ladies can have a mean streak. So can Puella. It is said that the energy for this figure is often fickle, and the positive energy that comes with this figure can be taken away quickly, especially if the question for the reading revolves around long-term goals.

In tarot, the energy is encapsulated by the Queen of Swords who weilds her weapon in the name of truth and justice, cutting through anxiety, insecurity and other negative effects of an over active mind. For this reason, this figure can indicate a need for cooler tempers, to insert logic into a situation, or that you need maternal guidance.

On the plus side, it can be an indication of maturity and growth, especially when considering short term relationship questions. On the negative, because of the fickle nature of Puella’s energy, can dampen hopes of long term news, especially when asking about more finite aspects of one’s romantic life or when being used to predict far ahead in the future.

Puella has been debated in geomantic traditions, simply because it is one of the cards that blatantly represent the gender bias that is present in the geomantic system. Consider that the roots of geomancy are ancient and times haven’t always been equal or fair for women.

Traditionally, Puella is said to represent the ideals of feminity which doesn’t usually match up to modern ideals for women in Western culture or spirituality. For modern geomantic readings, it is suggested to take the literal meaning of Puella at face value when first beginning with geomancy. As you get familiar with the energy of Puella and are more familiar with geomantic readings, feel free to apply a modern understanding, but only once you are more experienced.

With this in mind, when you see Puella in a reading, it can often be an indication of naivety. The energy of the symbol is calm and often will lend a calm or understanding, cooling down tempered heads and encouraging peace in a situation. It is said when Puella is present, she often shows herself at times of anxiety, with a reminder to face adversity with poise.

The energy of this figure works well with many of the other figures in geomancy. For this reason, Puella is sometimes seen as a card of assistance. For example, when paired with Amissio, Puella will represent balance and poise. When paired with Puer, it can indicate a relationship of equality or balance and is often favorable for homemaking, marriage and children.

By Florance Saul
Feb 19, 2017