Psychic Vampires

psychic vampires

There will always come a time in your life where everything seems bathed in negative energy. Maybe nothing is going your way anymore.

In life, such a situation comes in multiples of three: you may one loose money, get a parking ticket and fall over all in the same day. So if negativity eats up some aspects of your life: business, love, luck, prosperity and money it is time to turn to the herbs. 

With all religions and beliefs, there are many ways by which to ward off evil and negativity. Every belief has its own remedy. In hoodoo you can try to ward off any bad negativity with a series of herbs used for purification and blessings, in this sense, can be simple or complex depending upon the situation.

This article covers a basic line-up of herbs that can be used for blessings and purification. Keep in mind that these herbs serve roughly the same function in a general sense, but also have other pleasant effects.

If your problems seem but a trifle, you can go from sprinkling shreds of these around the house once a week or burning and smoking them with incense. A more complicated rite will need various other items and implements.

Here are just some of the herbs that are used for blessings and purifications.

Protection herbs include the following:

  • Cedrus needles –  used for health and vitality rituals, and also protection against evil.
  • Cedar – for uncrossing and removing jinxe

Whether or not you knew it for a fact, chances are in your life you have run into who we call Psychic Vampires.

In some cases these are the people who wander around inflicting themselves upon others, they are exceptionally needy, often unwell and need a lot of help and assistance.

Many do not even realize that they are psychic vampires. They are the individuals who are known for their self-entitlement issues as well as their victim mentalities. They usually need a lot of help all of the time and just being in their presence takes a lot of you.

They tend to be the ones as well that cause the most consistent drama.  And for this we are just talking about personalities who tend to just absorb the energies around them. They might not even be doing it on purpose; it might just be a part of who they are as people.

However, within the magical community there are groups or people, also known as Psychic Vampires who have taken this into themselves. They believe fully that this is who they are and they go around using that energy in a consciously directed way. Basically they take their sheer force of will and direct it toward stealing or absorbing the energies of others intentionally in order to fuel themselves and their lives.

They are known for feeding off of what is known as the ‘life force’ of other creatures and humans. Life force is the energy that fuels us; it is what we know to be our spirit or our soul. Psychic Vampires, such as they are, are often represented in both occult beliefs and other cultures.

Of course modern medicine does not necessarily see Psychic Vampirism as a problem, but occult knowledge recognizes potential psychic vampires within medicine and can identify these potential vampires because they tend to have some of the same disabilities, such as fibromyalgia, bi polar disorders, chronic fatigue, and Lupus.

Many times these illnesses are not actually backed up by medical professionals, or if they have been diagnosed they can at a sense just be blanket terms for those who are ill all of the time. They are the ones who only ever seem well when they are socializing or fighting.

This is not always the case, because there are many that suffer from these very real disorders who are not at all psychic vampires but those who subscribe consciously to being psychic vampires also tend to have these issues.

Therefore they tend to gather a level of healing or wellness from absorbing the energy of others. Being that within black magic one of the main fuels that propels dark magicians is the power taken from others; this makes the concept of Psychic Vampirism very sneaky and invasive, but nonetheless real.

You will know if you are being affected by an energy vampire if after you have been in their presence for any period of time you feel exhausted, unfocused and depressed without having any reason to be so. This is because of the psychic interference put out by the Psychic Vampire.

The actual term ‘psychic vampire’ was originally made popular in the 1960’s with Anton Lave in the well-known Church of Satan. LaVey referenced psychic vampirism as inflicted upon those who are spiritually or emotionally weak who drains the vital energy of a person.

Others, such as Michelle Belanger who wrote the Book, ‘The Psychic Vampire Codex,’ referred to Psychic Vampires as those that are limited in their abilities and are unable to generate their own life force so they have to feed off of others in order to survive. In this sense, these individuals do not claim to be immortal, like some self-proclaimed psychic vampires do, although these individuals do tends to be very involved in past life regressions.

Within the category of Psychic Vampires there are also known sexual vampires that are in existence. The reason the term vampire is used at all, is because the idea of vampirism was created to describe of course blood-sucking creatures who take the lives of others. Even though this concept has been romanticized throughout the ages, the vampire was never supposed to be anything other than a horrible murdering creature.

They were monsters. In this case with Psychic Vampires, another branch is known within Sexual Vampirism. These people utilize their sexual energy to get what they want. The chemistry within the physical body produces different hormones and the sexual vampire lives to feed off of those hormones. These are the folks who have physical addictions to sex or to whom sex runs their lives. Also the kinds of folks who you would hear described as ‘intoxicating’ and sometimes unfortunately this category also describes the sexual predators that exist in this world.

There are ways to diffuse the energy of these vampires. When you encounter them it is important to do grounding and centering either before or after (if you know them) just so that you can get yourself back to a more neutral level with them.

Pulling from the Earth to acquire energy is a common way to absorb and reenergize after having these experiences. Also, if you know that there is a person that is in your life that has these tendencies, then obviously the more distance you have the better. If this is unavoidable, certain jewelry will help absorb the excess energy, such as hematite. The main goal is that when you are around these people, you need to give off a mental energy that you are not the person that they are going to get what they want.

Strict boundaries are important. A meditation that is very helpful is one in which you visualize that you are surrounded by a bell jar whenever you are in their presences. This will make it so that they might be able to approach you, but they will not be able to get through the boundaries that you have magically and mentally put up against them. Eventually when they realize that they aren’t going to get from you any energy, they will move onto someone else.

This is the only real way to fight off Psychic Vampires and those who siphon energy. If you can’t get the distance physically then get the distance psychically and energetically by making sure that your energy strongly says that it is yours and cannot be taken no matter what they try.

  • White Sage – can also be used for spiritual protection.
  • Peppermint Leaf - used as an aphrodisiac and for luck.
  • Alkanet Root – breaking jinxes.
  • Angelica – used in simple rituals for protection from evil.
  • Frankincense – can be kept for the purpose of maintaining prosperity.
  • Hyssop – used in some preparations to ward evil.
  • Lily of the Valley – has calming effects as well.

By Florance Saul
Nov 7, 2012