Protection Baths with Okra

Protection Baths with Okra

Okra is a cooking ingredient but can also be used as a powerful protection herb against evil spirits, curses or other negative energies.

Bathing with okra is one of the best ways to protect you.

These baths can be done once a month, or regularly, and they will improve your spiritual hygiene. Before attempting an okra bath you should first see if you may have an allergic reaction to okra. Test this by cutting the okra in half and putting some of the slimy liquid on the back of your hand. 

Once the allergy problem has been confirmed you can prepare the bath.

The okra will emit a juice, which in combination with water will create a mucilage. This is a slimy juice that will make all the negative energies and evil go away. For an okra bath you need to have at least twenty okra pods (preferably fresh), a big basin, and some water, a sieve and a strainer.

You should first pour two fresh water cups in the basin. The next move is to rip the okra pods open using your hand, The main intention is to crush them in very small pieces, the smallest you can.

With your hands places upon the okra pray to God that he will make any evil sent to you go away. After all of the okra pods are broken, you should take them in your hands and squeeze them as hard as you can, to get all the juice out.

Water should be added, cup by cup while obtaining the juice. After you finished adding water and squeezing the juice out, you have to wait about thirty minutes by the basin. After half an hour has passed you should take the pieces of okra out with the strainer, while holding it over the basin.

When doing these, squeeze them again, just to make sure all the juice is in the basin. The remaining okra pieces are not needed, so you can throw them away.

Put two white candles on both sides of the bath, and light them. Use your hands to stir the water, and this will be rather slimy. Don’t worry because this is exactly how they should be. The next step is to take the basin with you to the bathroom, and after you disrobe take it into the tub.

They will be your gateway filled with light. While in the bath you should pray, saying the Psalm 37. If you do not want to read the Psalm, you can pray using your own words, for the curses that are upon you to be shattered.

Finally pour the liquid from your head to your toes. You will feel awkward, but this is how it should be done. It is very important to cover your entire body with the solution, don’t leave any part of the body uncovered.

After this take the slime off using the bath water. After you got it all off, you can get out of the bath, going through the two candles. For the rest of the day, keep calm and relaxed, and you should already feel better. Do not capture any used water, and do not let any slime dry on your skin. Let it all go down the drain. 

By Florance Saul
Dec 24, 2012