Protection and Good Luck

Protection and Good Luck

Good luck spell To bring luck into your home purchase a green cat candle, some lucky 777 oil, one gold coin, one whole nutmeg, one root of High John the Conqueror, some hair from a black cat, one green flannel bag, a photo of yourself and a flat dish.

Write on the backside of your photo your name seven times.

Turn the photo clockwise and write “good luck” over your name seven times. Place some lucky 777 oil on each corner of the photo and also on the center. Fold the photo towards you and put it under the dish.

On the green candle you should write your name on one side with a nail, and the words “Good luck” on the other. Put the candle in the center of the dish after dressing it with some lucky 777 oil. The nutmeg and also the coin should be wrapped in the root then covered in lucky 777 oil. The contents are also to be placed in the dish, forming a triangle with the candle. Then light the candle and let it burn while praying for good luck and money. After it is melted, you should put the coin, the nutmeg, the root, the black cat hair and the photograph inside a green flannel bag. It is now your mojo bag. Wear it for good luck. Atone lucky777 oil in your mojo bag and wear it for at least seven days. After a week, keep it close to you (in your pockets for example) so that it will continuously bring good luck towards you.  Another good method to bring luck towards you is to take seven consecutive baths, with seven herb bath. You have to pour water from the feet all the way up to your head, to make the good luck come to you.

Protection spells

When you experience bad luck for a long period of time (you lose good opportunities, you don’t have any luck with some events etc.), it is a sign that you should take matters into your own hands and change the situation. Luck is extremely delicate, but it can be brought upon you using these following steps:

Cleansing: the first thing you should do when having too much bad luck is to cleanse your house. Use sage and protection insence.

Bathing: you can take a cleansing bath every day for seven days using special herbs (13 herb bath, the spiritual purification bath or many others)

Uncross a spell: you can uncross a spell that has been put on you - which means that you will be free of negative energy.

Eggs: After the seven day bathing carry out an egg cleaning ritual. This means that you take a bath and roll an egg from a black hen starting from your head and going all the way down to your toes and after that take it outside your house and smash it at a crossroads.

Spray: Each day cleanse yourself is with the help of a spray bottle, mix in it whiskey (just one tablespoon), a pinch of salt, water, broom straws, and some Van Oil, and you have to spray yourself from head to toes everyday when you come back home.

Cleaning: actually cleaning the home will give you the sense that the energy in the home is changing. Cleaning your floors with seven uncrossing floor washes every day for seven days will help rid the house of bad luck. It is best if you mop from the back of your home to the front, and then you should throw the water over the doorstep without looking back.

Protection Jar

After the cleansing process- so that bad luck won’t come to you again set up a protection honey jar. Source the following materials:

  • A jar that has a screw on lid
  • Nine devil shoestrings
  • Three bay leaves
  • Fiery protection oil
  • A ginger root that will fit into the jar
  • Some dragon’s blood resin
  • A white candle.

First you should burn the dragon’s blood resin using some charcoal, and then capture the smoke in the jar, placing it with the mouth down. Place the fiery wall of protection oil on the ginger root to keep you safe. Also cover the devil’s shoestrings with this oil. When you are doing this pray to your spirit guides to keep any evil away from you and your home.

Put some fiery protection oil on the three bay leaves while praying that the bad luck will remain at bay.

Then  face the jar with its mouth up and put all the ingredients inside, screw the lid shut. Put the candle near the jar and write “Protection” on the candle with a nail, and your name on opposite sides. Dress the candle using fiery protection oil. Burn the candle from bottom up, place it on the jar and let it all melt. While it is melting you should pray and say the 23rd Psalm. After this ritual is finished, you must bury the jar somewhere near your front door, thus keeping away evil spirits from your house.

This will make sure that your house is protected, but if you want to protect yourself even more, you can always create an amulet for protection. You can use a gold cross pendant, evil-eye jewelry, necklaces or bracelets that are also fashionable. All you have to do to make their effect even stronger is to put some fiery protection oil on them.!

The next step after cleansing and protection is to bring luck upon you. You can do this using a good luck spell. 

By Florance Saul
Dec 24, 2012