Powerful Love Spell

Powerful Love Spell

Love spells often give great results when you are trying to find love.

Do you find a "block" in your love life? This spell is when one is trying to find love. Often there is someone around that is interested but you simply need a spark of love energy to be ignited so that you can get past the lull in your love life. For this spell all you need is desire and a person you are thinking of. If you do not have someone in mind you may want to do a more general spell.

What you need:


  • A red candle (preferably a short and thick candle that will burn bright and long)
  • A photo of the person you desire. (not required but helpful)
  • A sheet of paper with the person’s name on it.
  • 13 roses (must be red)
  • A mirror or tray to place picture and candle on it.

Place the photo and the name of the person on the tray and then the candle on top of the photo. Make sure that the candle is above the photo so that it will drip wax onto it. If you do not have a picture, the name will do written on a piece of paper.

Before lighting the candle say:

“I light this candle to light our love. I light this candle to bring (name) to me. I light this candle to guide the way. I light this candle to make our love stay.”

Light the candle and place on top of the picture and let the candle burn down. As the candle burns say:

“This candle burns and warms your heart. The wax that drips brings your heart to me. With this flame burning bright bring our love within our sight. Love that’s true. Love that’s pure. Love that’s meant to be and sure.”

Allow the candle to bring through the night until it goes out on its own accord. When done burning take some of the wax and paint it across the photo with a brush or drips. Keep the photo in a secret place and save for future workings if needed. With the roses, place them up to dry over 3 days.

When the roses are done drying, drip wax on the stems and tie them together as a bundle or a create a wreath out of them. If possible give the roses to the other person as a gift or keep them where the other person will see.

This spell may takes two months and needs to be done over the course of a waxing moon.

By Florance Saul
Nov 13, 2012