If porcupine is my animal totem, then does it mean that I am someone who pokes others?

Definitely not – don’t get carried away by the popular notion of porcupines that is, its spiky exterior that this animal is gifted with, for defense purposes.

There is a lot of this unpopular animal. It belongs to the rodent family and is inherently a loner; however, during winters i.e. its nocturnal time, it joins its fraternity of other porcupines.

This goes out to show that if Porcupine is your totem, then, you might be a loner, but you know when to stick by your people and you can also be a team player.

Porcupines are found on trees, close to water areas and the air causes it’s full of life movement through its quills, which becomes one the most intriguing quality of this animal, because, it is compatible with 3 out of 5 elements of earth – air, wood, water, fire and metal.

If porcupine is your totem you already have a high salt intake because, this animal loves salt water lakes, and feeds on salty water lilies and the weeds that grow around it. It also loves the fresh leaves and buds, which it nips, during its time spent on the trees. Its tail is designed to give it a better grip when climbing upwards, which is another symbol that you have strong grip when climbing up.

The porcupine is known to have a poor eye sight therefore uses his other senses for his defense, which again highlights the fact that its defense system is always on high alert, and can save it from even the kind of the jungle!

One of the strongest traits of this animal is its pure innocence and simplicity as it does not hunt and is happy with most vegetation around it. This largely symbolizes a gentle and content nature, with very less wants. This also can mean slow pace, which may or may not be an advantage in this fast paced world.

Another quality that is usually acquired if porcupine is your totem is, that you are either too offensive in your speech or get too defense and have pokey quills ready to ‘shoot’ at any given opportunity. Another side of the same coin is that, you have a gentle, soft interior, however, portray a hard and harsh exterior.

One of the most alluring qualities of a porcupine is its innocent fearlessness. Truly, its innocence becomes its bliss! This animal, in spite of having poor eye sight, depends largely on its heightened sense of smell & hearing and evades any danger around it.

Porcupines are never seen being afraid or using any manipulative strategy and escape even the most dangerous situations not only because of its protective thorny gear, but also its strong spirit and save themselves.

Porcupine shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You are fearless.
  • You are thankful of the little joys in life.
  • You are blissfully content.
  • You can be a team player.
  • You can be a loner, and yet not be self centered.

Call on Porcupine as a spirit guide when

  • When you feel defenseless.
  • When you feel low about how less you have.
  • When you see loneliness as the only option.
  • Or when you see only being social as the only option.
  • When one of your sense is missing or poor, remember there are other senses that you can survive on.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013