Poppets Spiritual Meaning

Poppets are dolls of figures as the representation of humans, on whom a spell is to be cast or some magical spell has to be done. 

There are normally two types of such dolls, ones which are made by the hand, and the second which are linked to the target by attaching personal things from the outside. The personal items attached may be a photograph, or hair of the target, while the things inside are herbs, minerals, and other related talismanic items.

Sometimes, to cast a stronger spell, a doll with combined elements is also made, like making a handmade doll by stuffing the required things inside and then fixing a photo on top. To be more precise in the spell, the discarded clothes of the target are also sewn onto the doll.

Instead of handmade dolls, there are commercially available dolls, toy dolls or ceramic figures that can also be used for the purpose of making a Poppet. These are normally attached to the target by covering the voodoo doll with fabric made from the target’s clothes.

People can use this technique for helping in matters of love, money, land, healing, or protection from the attack of enemies by making them weak. The Poppets dolls are also used for distant cleaning to remove the effect of bad eyes, bad luck, or of bad spirits. In this case, normally a plastic doll is taken, its head is removed, and then the doll is stuffed with the personal things, like clothes, hairs, photos, etc. to link it effectively and precisely. It is normally blessed for 14 days. Once the work is completed, the doll should be disassembled and the contents and the dolls are buried in the target's garden.

The type of the dolls used have a strong bearing on the type of spell being cast. Barbie dolls are normally used for casting love spells, Gothic dolls are normally used for casting crossing and cursing magic spells.

Sometimes, a hollow ceramic figure of the client’s beloved animal is used for protective blessings. The most important element in the art of Poppets is to effectively link it to the target. For this, at the time of sewing the dolls, using magic words with each stitch will help this. After completion, these dolls are given the name of the target and baptized, and then whatever is required happens to the target. 

By Florance Saul
Dec 2, 2012