Polar Bear

Polar Bear

The polar bears values include the ability to compass the magnetic lines of the earth.

The ability to introspect, to thrive in empty landscapes, purity of intent, dreams, swimming through different waves of emotions, the capacity to withstand adversity, solitude, communicating with the Spirit world, finding one’s way back, death and regeneration, transformation, revenge and defense and it is also the animal who has provides great advantage to shamans, mystics and visionaries.

The polar bear is characterized by its intelligence and courage which has made it one of the revered animals of ancient cultures and tribes. 

They considered the polar bear as a good spirit and an ally in times of their needs.  The whiteness of the polar bear also came to characterize purity of spirit and intent.  The strength and the courage which can flow from this animal can only be achieved when one does not have fear in his heart so this animal can also be a source of strength when one is trying to overcome fearfulness.

The Eskimos and the Inuit tribes who live in proximity with the polar bear, both viewed the animal as an excellent source for spiritual and physical nourishment.  They looked to it as representing the values of their own people: one who respects and carries with them the ancient shamanic wisdom of the North.

Among its kin, the polar bear is considered to be the most aggressive and carnivorous type.  They are excellent in the skill of hunting and with the weight of more than a thousand pounds; a seal can definitely be an easy prey.  Their strength is one of the assets which help them survive in the wild and despite their great weight; they can still navigate both snow and land with ease and agility.  The polar bear has been known to swim for a hundred miles without stopping.

The polar bear shares some characteristics common with other bears but they still have their own unique traits.  If you think that the polar bear is your guiding animal, the particular hurdles which you may have to go through are obstinacy, variation, and flexibility.  It is at these times when you need to seek the aid of the polar bear.

The polar bear is also known to observe things well before doing anything to a given situation.  They know how to use their strength well, dispensing it only at the opportune time and with a perspective to getting the best results in the end.  These are one of the things that you need to learn from the polar bear.  This animal will teach you a lot of things about how to harness your energy correctly.

The polar bear does not have any known natural enemy aside from humans.  Hunting is definitely the only activity which threatens the existence of this animal.

It is known in native tribes as “Ice Man” because of its tendency to hunt most of the time on the polar sea ice.  The way that we perceive the polar bear also dictates its symbolism for us.  If you see them on walking on ice, we may take its meaning as something which is related to the frozen and blocked emotions within us.  If we see them while looking for food, we can connect them to nourishment of the mental or spiritual aspects of our lives.  One has to understand the polar bear within the context with which it presents itself to us.

Polar Bear shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need strength.
  • You have a wave of emotion.
  • You need Flexibility.
  • You are lacking spirituality.

Call on a Polar Bear as a spirit guide when

  • You need the strength to overcome obstacle.
  • You are hunting for answers or meanings.
  • You need the purest spirit to be with you.
  • You become overwhelmed and need help to sort emotions.

By Flo Saul
Jan 28, 2013