The platypus is an endemic mammal in Australia which belongs to monotremes.

It is warm blooded like a typical mammal, yet it lays eggs like a bird , has a bill like a duck , although it milk feeds the infants like a mammal.

The male platypus is limited to Eastern and South-Eastern Australian freshwater environments. It feeds on carrion, mollusks and platy helminthes worms. The solitary lifestyle of platypus has made the attempt to artificially breed platypuses at zoo, unsuccessful. Growling like puppies, platypuses communicate with each other. A mating ritual of platypus couple is swimming together in circles.

Platypus is a mystery master.

  • It teaches us mysterious psychological lessons related to death and birth. The fogs that blindfold us in thinking; to comprehend these mysteries we must see through the fog. We must have a superior vision.
  • Platypus is a contradiction between the last two evolved classes in animal world, Mammalian and Aves. Our lives are a mixture of contradictions; we must suite ourselves with the necessary action at the precise time. Never let your contradictory life ruin your social respect.
  • Secrecy and privacy: Every individual should have own solitude, which is essential in maintaining isolation. Platypus teaches us of our privacy, which is the mold that refreshes us ,that speaks solely to us.
  • Lessons from experience: We often forget our experience whether they are pleasant or unpleasant. But, we have to learn from our past life, even from the unpleasant memories. Platypus brings our attention to the morals that dead time can teach us.
  • Aqua wisdom: We must know how to survive through the flow of emotions, how to assist emotional currents in your swimming. Platypus is excellent in the field.

Platypus energy: Is about curiosity. Platypus investigates every corner, every hidden space to find food. Likewise, your curiosity in life, along with the experiences that are consequences of the quest, will lead your life for your nourishment. But, as a warning, the journey takes tolerance, strength and dedication

If you have the platypus token,

  • You are clever in handling computers and electrical equipment, attributing to the echo-location (use of echoing to determine distance) of platypus.
  • You prefer a solitary life, refracted from the general majority. It is your spontaneous trend. Programmers, analysts and researchers who work most of the time alone belong to this group. But, they must learn the value of a certain degree of social life.
  • Thinking of past and learning from experience is a quality of platypus people. This procedure is a guide for a developing life. But in extremity, it can cause distress and depression.

Shadow totem

The people who fear platypus are frightened of being themselves and decide it is best to become a typical member of the society. They lack privacy and solitude, which is their “full – potential state”. They fear of being marginalized and hope for popularity.

Communion with a platypus

Platypus spirit is restricted to where Aqua and Earth elements combine actually freshwater ways and ponds of clear water. The same element combination exists when you are sitting cross-legged on the earth on a rainy day. Meditation and drumming are two optional methods. But, remember, platypus is less talkative, even though it definitely expresses “its point “.

Platypus shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You have parenting skills.
  • You need to remain unique.
  • You need to be different.
  • You need to be able to connect to the ancient animals.
  • You need to bring up your children in a different way

Call on Caribou as a spirit guide when

  • You need to connect to the ancient animals.
  • You need to be able to remain unique.
  • You value the way you are.
  • You are able to rear your young ones differently.
  • You need to have parenting skills.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013