There are various myths concerning this creatures such as their ability to decapitate a human or a cow in seconds.

Piranhas measure 14-26 cm. in length, though some of them have exceeded the normal record.

They can be identified with their razor sharp teeth, which are used for shearing.

Stories say that they are attracted to the scent of blood. These myths have been proven wrong by a scientific study and research about piranhas. On the other hand the story that they attack human is true especially on low level waters.

There is also a story about President Theodore Roosevelt that concerns piranha, when he went hunting on the day the he visited Brazil. He witnessed a cow which was shredded completely by piranhas; he then defined these creatures as vicious in his book “Through the Brazilian Wilderness”.

In popular culture, particularly in Hollywood movies, they are often depicted as a horrendous and aggressive predator. A good example would be the film “You Only Live Twice”, a popular James Bond film. Successful films about this creature were released in the 90’s and this gained a popular audience.

Piranhas have been misunderstood in the message they want to send us, they are often viewed as vicious creatures that will rapture any fresh meat that comes their way. As a totem animal they are a representation of courage, appreciation, teamwork and life.

Water symbolizes life and because it is the piranha’s domain, it is associated with rejuvenation and fertility. Summon this creature when you are having a problem with pregnancy. It is not connected with knowledge since it only lurks in shallow waters.

A piranha is a reminder that working in a group is a better approach to finish certain things. Do not undermine each other capabilities and create a harmonious working relationship. Do you work better in a team? Are you a team player? These are some of the questions that might linger into our minds when a totem animal of a piranha visits one.

A piranha is also a representation of savagery and tearing apart of enemies. When this creature appear esto you, it wants to teach us to be brave, no matter how small you think you are. Piranha’s are a constant reminder that we should face our enemy head on, and though one maybe lacking in some aspects, the message is that they can prove that you are a formidable opponent by showcasing your other abilities.

It is also a symbolism to be happy with what we possess and be thankful on what life may give us. Some of us are always looking for something more, look at the piranha, it only consumes what is given to him. It is best to learn from a piranha, it is content to what life may offer him, and furthermore he shows his appreciation by not letting anything turn into waste.

The piranha has suffered a lot of mistreatment due to beliefs and pop culture; it is true that it has some scary attributes that even the President of the most powerful country felt at awe. But more than that, we should see the lighter side of this creature and discover something that they want to teach us.

Piranha shows as a spirit guide when

  • One fails to appreciate simple things.
  • One is having a trouble in creating things.
  • We are afraid to express our true feelings.
  • When one does not co-operate on a team project.
  • When you fail to harness your destructive power in a constructive way.

Call on a Piranha as your spirit guide when:

  • You are having trouble achieving contentment in life.
  • You need the rejuvenating power of water.
  • You think you need to stand up for what you believe in.
  • You are dealing with a project concerning a huge number of participants.
  • When you find yourself lonely.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013