Pink Spells

Pink Spells

Here are two spells that require pink candles.

Pink is associated with love, much like red candles. The idea of love or the acquisition thereof is one of the most sought after experiences in the span of a person’s life. This pursuit of love is right up there with wanting to be a millionaire. We think about it a lot. But much like money, when it comes to love many of us has a poverty mindset. We are of the opinion that we are as worthy of great expanses of money as we are a satisfying, beautiful, romantic and electric love, and that is none at all. Here are two spells that will help in attracting a partner:

The Law of Attraction Spell.

This spell is used to attract others that you want. This can bind you to social circles, networking, or a desired loved one.

Create your design on the candle by heating up the pin or needle and writing into the candle the item or person that you want to be attracted to you. You can put friends or love. It is suggested to not put a person’s name as it can have hefty consequences for trying to bend someone’s will and undesired results.

If you do choose to put a person’s name on the candle be sure to be clear in your meditation that you want this person to notice you.

What you need:

  • A pink 3 inch candle
  • A pin or needle for carving

When you are ready light the candle and say:

“I attract to me by the power of three. I will be open and available for (desired result) and tie this attraction spell to me. It is my desire to have their attention and to be accepted in with love and light.”

While the candle burns focus heavily on being with this person or people and them welcoming you with open arms into their life.

Realize with attraction spells that like attracts like and you will have to make yourself open to the person or people that you desire.

Healthy Heart Spell

If you are dealing with a broken heart then this spell will help you to mend and heal. This spell is good with helping you deal with loss and strengthening your emotional state.

What you need:

  • A pink tea light candle
  • A picture of the person that you are trying to heal from
  • Scissors or a pin

Take the scissors or pin and cut the person you are trying to heal from out of the picture. This is especially helpful if you are in the picture. Cut them out completely and then light the candle.


“My heart is on the mend and this pain I feel will have an end. My heart has broken but will heal. I will have emotions that I want to feel.”

Light the cut out of the person that you want cast from your heart on fire and let it burn. As it burns chant:

“Be gone from my heart. Be gone from my sight. You no longer have a place in my life.”

Chant this until you feel strong that it is true. You will feel an emboldened sense when you have said it.

This spell can evoke powerful emotions. Just like purging anything from your life that is negative, it can cause you to cry or be angry. This will pass usually within a couple of hours. Any time over the next couple of days that you feel the thought of the person swelling inside of you chant the chant to yourself. The final results are usually seen within a couple of days with the person beginning to ignore you and reminders of the person going away and giving your heart a chance to heal.

By Florance Saul
Nov 12, 2012