Pine Siskin

Pine Siskin

Pine Siskin is a kind of bird from finch family that is mainly found in North America. They are small in size compared to other birds.

Both the males and females are small in size.They are brown in color in their upper side and their under parts are pale. Their tales are short and the bills are a bit long and slender. They also have some yellow patches found on their tails and the wings. The wings also have some white streaks.

Apart from North America, they are also found in Alaska, Canada, and Northern part of United States. They inhabit the grasslands, meadows, thick forests, roadsides, lawns and backyard gardens. They majorly feed on plant parts, insects and seeds.

There are several teachings and wisdom that we can learn from pine siskin especially if this is your totem animal. They provide adverse knowledge and wisdom.

Pine Siskin’s knowledge include these: cunning, rooting out the truth, deep earth magic, intelligence, knowledge of past life, and becoming invisible during time of danger.

Pine siskin is known to be a very cunning bird and from this character, we learn that in some situations we may become very cunning in order to get what we want. Those who have pine siskin as their power animal tend to be very cunning in their ways. This enables them to get whatever they need to achieve in life. You don’t have to be very straight because people may know and even steal your ideas without your knowledge.

Those who have pine siskin as their power animal are also very intelligent. They act intelligently in all their ways. It is very hard to fool them around because they can easily pin you down due to their intelligence.

They usually like to root out or have the truth. They can get to the bottom of everything to know the truth of the matter. They like to speak the truth and to know the truth of every matter that concerns them.

They are also related to deep earth magic. Those who have pine siskin as their animal totem would prefer the magic of the earth rather than the spiritual realm. Most of them are the magicians, the sorcerers, the cults and the occult's that use some magic to come up with what they want. They have the magic power that they use to control some situations for their own benefits.

They also like to refer to the past so they can have the knowledge of the past events. This can be seen to have both the positive and the negative impact in their lives. When we refer to the past to gain knowledge that can be used to better our present then it is advantageous because we learn from our past mistakes to make a better today and tomorrow. When we refer to the past regretfully, then it can be disadvantageous to us because we end up getting discouraged to continue the hard work for the future. We should therefore choose how to view our past.

They also tend to protect themselves from any danger by becoming invisible during the time of danger. We need protection from anything dangerous all the time.

Pine Siskin shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need courage.
  • You need protection from something dangerous.
  • You have some fear.
  • You need to know the truth about a given matter.
  • You need intelligence.

Call on Pine Siskin as a spirit guide when

  • You need some magic.
  • You need to be strong.
  • You need to know about the past.
  • You need intelligence.
  • You need to know the truth on a given issue.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013