Phasmids/ Walking Sticks

Phasmids/ Walking Sticks

Phasmids/ Walking sticks can grow from 2.5 cm-30 cm in length. 

The female walking sticks are the longest insect in the world; it can grow up to 56.7 cm in length including its legs.

Some of the phasmids have a small wings some of them have nothing at all.  Incidentally it can hide itself in vegetation since its body resembles a leaf vein.  Some of the phasmids can change their color to adapt to their surroundings. All kinds of walking sticks have compound eyes; they possess impeccable eyesight that allows them to see even in a pitch black night.  Consequently, phasmids are nocturnal species, the suns radiation are very dangerous to their sensitive eyes.

Walking stick are telling you to keep you plans a secret, do not tell it to anyone until it is fully develop.  It is best to keep silent because of the impending danger that it might cause, not actually a life threatening situation, but someone might sabotage your plan when he finds out about it. 

There is also a possibility that you are not taking any steps to fulfill your dreams.  Don’t you just hate asking the question “What If”? It signifies regret and the truth that it’ll never happen.  Take your first step toward your dream; wait for the right time to execute your plan and if everything falls into place I’ll assure you that you’re ready to take off.

The walking stick is representative of patience as they can stay still for long periods of time. This is their defense and camouflage. It is best to be in a solemn place and start to meditate to help you build a good foundation to your plans. 

Maybe this is not a time to perform your action, but it is the best time to furnish your plan. It is also the best way to ask for some motivation.  It is also important to rest and save your energy.  This animal totem knows when to relax, if the season does not favor him, he will sleep, nourish himself and prepare for the right time. 

Furthermore, Walking stick can restrict all their movements in front of their meal, they wait for the perfect time to snatch their food, and they can also use this to trick some predator.  Know when to stay still and escape a danger and know when to be aggressive in front of an opportunity.  Clever, isn’t he?

Take heed when you are visited by the walking stick. This can be a warning that you need to be patient and listen to the world around you. Because of this, the walking stick can represent needing to meditate and be one with your environment. This can be a symbol that you need to hold your own true self close to your chest or not be as open and telling about your truth. This can be a need to focus on your own actions more. Sometimes other people do not need to know everything.

Phasmids/ Walking Sticks shows up as a spirit guide when...

  • You need to be careful about people around you.
  • You are in need of great patience.
  • You need to calm your mind.

Call on a Phasmids/ Walking Sticks as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be more open minded.
  • You need to keep something secret.
  • You want to be stealthy.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013