If you love sacrificing a lot for greater achievements, here is your symbol.

Penguin as we know is a member of family Aves, who has sacrificed the best evolutionary device of the class, the ability to fly.

Living in the Southern Hemisphere, they are highly specialized to swim and tolerate the extreme cold temperature. Along Antarctic coast, they inhabit the burrows and crevices. Their physical adaptations like the fat deposit of blubber for buoyancy, the flippers and the feathers turned into feather-shafts for swimming are empowered by the streamlined body to dive through sea currents.

Although you can compare a stout person`s walking style to a penguin, perhaps the best human diver will not beat it , when it comes to diving. They can deep dive and stay underwater for long periods with their normal heart rate decreased to one fifth.

The waterproof clothing of the penguin is its feather covering enhanced by tail-end oil glands. Penguins, who leave the sea to shed their feathers, fast during the due season. These good creatures feed their offspring while completely neglecting their own nourishment.

Mythology: Rarely playing roles in mythology, penguins are mentioned in Aboriginal myths that call the penguins by the name “djuliakutjara”. They had escorted Jeedara to an animal conference held around a circular stone table in Dhulanda.

So , how does the penguin become a master of your life ?

  • Behaving and upgrading yourself: It teaches us how to keep ourselves in stability and fine condition, whilst our long journey through the life by utilizing our thinking.
  • Admiration and respecting yourself: Your appearance is not just for your spectators, it is for your sake. Thus, maintain your cleanliness, neatness of your chambers, for you.
  • Understanding your elegance? : Penguin, although a brilliant swimmer, is a toddler. In our lives we need to know when we triumph and when we toddle so that, we can choose correct path.
  • Sacrifices for greater destinies: Sacrificing the evolutionary advantage of flight ability in order to swim, sacrificing nourishment for a stronger young generation, the penguin is teaching us how to sacrifice to gain the unattainable.
  • Art of deeper thinking: How can you understand deeply? How can you memorize brilliantly? What is the strategy to survive extreme sates in life? Penguin survives deep sea currents with its streamlined body, the reduction of heart beat and mastering diving moves.
  • Specialization: Haven`t we dreamt of being specialists in combat, engineering, sports and medicine? Learn how the penguin rules the Sothern Pole.
  • Understanding me: penguin is elegantly self-confident within its reaches. That is a lesson for us not to be “the jack in all trades but the master of none “. Be confident in your specified field; avoid what is not your type.
  • Courtesy and etiquette: During mating season , penguins bow to each other. They walk in neat lines, resembling a well-trained squadron of soldiers. Penguin teaches you to practice good manners.

Penguin energy

During operations and certain fatal accidents, some people experience the entrance into a supernatural, higher sate world. It is supposed that their astral bodies temporarily leave the physical bodies. These incidents are related to penguin energy.

People with the penguin as totem

Discussing of penguin people`s personality, a top trait of them is the ability of massive sacrifices. We hear of great scientists who wrote their great theses at night due to their sleeping disorders, scholars who began reading great books only after an accident bound them to wheelchairs and Norsemen molded into mighty warriors by the Northern Wind.

But, sometimes penguin people might conceive self-pity and the bitterness in life. They need to learn how to challenge their plights.

Penguin as a shadow totem

  • People who dislike penguins hate accepting unbearable challenges and passing through difficult obstacles.
  • They tend to become ungraceful because of the hysterical schizophrenia within themselves.
  • They are reluctant to rectify their issues of behavior and cleanliness, often postponing doing so.


The appropriate and precise time of contacting with the penguin is when you understand the energy of penguin. A control of food consumption (a fasting ritual) makes you more mobile mentally, to shift into a higher energy plane. The controlled decreasing of your heart rate and dreams in which your imagination deals with astral body at errands and proper medication within or near the aqua element are also pathways.

Penguin shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to have astral projection.
  • You need patience.
  • You need endurance.
  • You need fatherhood.
  • You need to understand female energy within the male.

Call on penguin as a spirit guide when

  • You have waking dreams.
  • You need to be patient.
  • You need to be able to endure.
  • You need to understand fatherhood.
  • You need to understand female energy within the male.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013