Pendulum Power

Pendulum Power

The great thing about a pendulum is that any question can be asked.

 A pendulum consists of a weighted, properly balanced, generally pointed object (made of either metal, iron, brass, a semi-precious stone, or whole roots) hanging from a cord, chain, or string.

Some piners also use their own wedding ring as pendulum or some use a necklace pendent. Some root doctors prefer to use the ring of the person who is asking the query. The purpose of using personal items is to use the powers of the spirit to link with the person's ancestors to get replies to questions. The pendulum, being a sacred tool, is normally held with respect and kept on the altar of the root doctor.

The brass pendulum is the one most commonly used for attending to “Yes or No” queries, and they can also act as a tool for remote dowsing with a map. In this case, the reader interprets the movements of the suspended pendulum, to find the correct answer to the question of the client.

To do this, the reader holds the pendulum in his or her left hand and hangs it over the map. Then he asks the question of the client and tries to read the answer by reading the movement. The reader always ensures that he or she holds the pendulum steadily so that the answer movements do not disturb the overall movement of the pendulum.

It has been observed that when a question is asked holding and focusing on a pendulum, it starts showing surprising movements, such as moving up and down, sideways, dancing moves, or taking wide circles that arre too sudden.

To gain an idea of what the pendulum is saying it is important to first ask a simple question. For example "am I male?" the answer will be associated in the way the pendulum moves. For arguments sake if it moves left this means either "yes or no."

Finding out sex of an unborn child by the pendulum..

To use a pendulum to discover the sex of the unborn baby is a common household custom. Before the invention of sonograms or the ultrasound, the pendulum reading was most commonly used method to try to judge the sex of the unborn child.

This practice is still followed in many traditional families. The method of is very simple. The wedding ring of the mother is used as a pendulum and it is made to hang from a string or chain and held close to the mother’s stomach. If the pendulum makes circular motion then it is interpreted to be a girl child, but if it moves in straight motions then it is considered to be a boy child.

Remote sensing, with the help of a pendulum, is another important application of the pendulum as a pination tool. In this case, a pendulum is made to hand on a graph, map, or chart of any kind, and then specific questions are asked about the place or any other person associated with that place.

After this, the movement of the pendulum is read and interpreted. One other common method adopted at the time of asking a specific question about a person is to first insert an object from that inside the hollow pendulum and then try to do the remote pinations by studying its movement.

By Florance Saul
Dec 2, 2012