The Peccary is wild, pig-like animal found i many regions. Key traits and meaning associated with it are:

  • Recognition of friends.
  • Strong scent.
  • Tough hide.
  • Adaptable.
  • Gets along with large groups.
  • Concern for the herd.
  • Loyalty.
  • Ability to defend itself.

In the wild, the Peccary is known for living in large groups, amounting to a hundred or more members of the heard. It works to keep within the group by letting off a strong scent which can be followed by others. Thus the Peccary does not get easily separated from the herd.

It has a tough hide which is suitable for tough leather. It is adaptable to different environments and the Peccary will defend itself if needed using its large tusks.

Peccary as a totem animal

Though the Peccary is a pig, it lives in the wild meaning that it is hardier and does not give in much to its base desires unlike tamed pigs. It is a strong totem, and is associated with the following traits:

Strong Connection with Others and Loyalty

The Peccary is a herd animal, and it learns to move as one with the herd. While it retains its own identity, it knows that being with the herd is best for all peccaries. It is loyal to the herd and makes sure that it does not lose its way from them. This connection with others helps us understand the necessity of being and working with other people. We need to make a strong connection with others and not just a cursory relationship.

Tough Hide and Sharp Defense

While the Peccary has many natural enemies and predators, it is still able to defend itself quite well. It has a good and tough hide, suitable for living in the wild. Its tusks are strong and sharp, able to cut and stick into its enemies. It teaches us to have good defenses, as well as good weapons for offense when needed. It shows us to take care in our endeavors but gives us strength to withstand and repel our attackers.


The Peccary is suited to live in many regions. While it does prefer warmer climates, it can be found in many places in the world. This adaptability and suitability for travel helps one become more comfortable in different situations and places.

Peccary in Different Cultures

The peccary is well known in south and Central American regions. It is known for its distinct grunting and chattering sounds, which to them signified speech. Thus, language and communication was reflect by these peccaries in the wild.

Peccaries are also associated with creating different sounds through their musical instruments.

Association with celestial forces

The Peccary is associated with heavenly and divine beings. Myths and legends about peccary spirit-animals attribute different natural sounds to the peccary. They are known for producing grunting as well as chattering sounds which is said to cause the sound of thunder.

Peccary in Alchemy

The powerful scent of the peccary is one that permeates as well as persists. This particular trait of the peccary is highly useful in different works in alchemy. It can be used as a symbol for retaining specific elements or desired traits during transmutations and transformations.

The Peccary shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You feel a strong presence with you.
  • You are working with a large group.
  • You feel the need to toughen up.
  • You feel or hear strong sounds like thunder.
  • You are undergoing a stressful time.

Call on a Peccary as a spirit guide when

  • You need to learn how to defend yourself.
  • You want to have a strong connection with other people.
  • You are becoming too sensitive.
  • You want to be recognized by others.
  • You need to be more adaptable.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013