The peacock hides its colors far more often that it shows them, but when they do it is just simply magnificent.

It tells us that if we just show our true colors we may be able to achieve something beautiful and magical as the peacock, for if it is bad, then at least it can still be corrected overtime.

Speaking of time, over the course of history the peacock has been associated with something of high status as evidence by the way it presents itself, its composure which makes you want to bow down in respect to the magnificence that it emanates. In addition to nobility, it also is associated to holiness, guidance, protection, and being watchful of the surroundings in which it is in.

The peacock may as well be the bird that is well versed with religion for from the religion of ancient times and to the religions that we currently have, it is present. It has jumped from one faith to another without seconds thought - the ones doing the thinking are the humans who are under such beliefs.

First, let us consider the Greco-Roman mythology which may be able to explain the eye like figures that appears in its magnificent tail feathers. It believed that Hera created the peacock through Argus making it a representation of the sky that holds the eyes of the stars near to it, thus as you may observe on the feathers the little circular things are present and just like the sky, vast and magnificent, the tail too of the peacock is the same.

In Hinduism and another Asian spirituality, the concept of the peacock is being linked to two goddesses, Lakshmi and Kwan-yin, respectively. These two are all about compassion, kindness, benevolence, good-will, good luck, and ultimately love. In one story even, Kwan-yin chose to remain human and aid them in many ways possible, in spite its ability to become immortal - a true representation of what these gods mean and show and in return is what humans expect from them, eternal and unconditional love in which most humans are not capable of doing, even to whom they owe a lot.

As important as is their wealth and treasures are, the Persians and Babylonians of old believed in the peacock as something attributed to royalty. As what was mentioned earlier, you just cannot seize to be amazed with the beauty and honorable stature that these animals hold and as a tribute to its respect, these empires placed the peacock behind their thrones as a symbol of royalty and magnificence that cannot be matched.

In Christianity, it has been linked to so many other worldly things such as resurrection, all-seeing and holy. It cannot be avoided to associate such a creature to such because as its tail may represent its eyes, but its beauty is something that you cannot count out.

The peacock may have all that we want ourselves to be and we should ponder if we want to be like the peacock or just stand for beauty only - not just us, but also, every religion aspires to be a peacock, magnificent, adored, and in all its glory beautiful.

Peacock shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to have all the aspects of beauty.
  • You need to rise up out of the ashes.
  • You need to understand immortality.
  • You need to be self confident.
  • You need to see into your future.

Call on Peacock as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be able to see into the past.
  • You need to understand the present.
  • You need to plan for your future.
  • You need to have dignity
  • You need to have self confidence.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013