The Partridge may be a small bird but it is associated with many meanings. The keywords that relate to it are:

  • Low flight.
  • Solitary Animal.
  • Knowledge for knowledge’s sake.
  • Fertility.
  • Association with Feminine forces.
  • Man transformed to an animal.
  • Connected to Christianity.

The Partridge has been known in many cultures, with sometimes contradictory meanings. It is sometimes associated with bad behavior or with carelessness as in the wild in does leave its eggs sometimes or has been said to take other nest’s eggs.

And yet in the wild it is also associated with fertility as the mother hen can give birth to several hatch lings. It is a bird associated with lunar forces, as the moon is said to gaze longingly upon the Partridge.

Partridge as a totem animal

The Partridge has plenty to teach us as a totem or animal guide. For when it appears or for when we use it as a totem, here are its teachings:

Gathering Knowledge

While the partridge has been associated with not using its knowledge, it is still a useful totem for when we need to learn new things. As the partridge that collects eggs, we too shall learn how to gather from sources outside our own comfort zones. It is then up to us to learn how to use this knowledge properly

Fertility and Love

The male Partridge is a monogamous animal, while the female hen shall consistently give birth to new brood under the right conditions. It can help us access the essence of fertility when we need it. This is not just physical fertility but to the birth of other things such as emotions or ideas.

Protection and Keeping Low

The partridge is known to fly low, but it can still travel far. It is said to avoid heights as it takes care not to fall and have an accident. This teaches us to have still take care. While we may have the capabilities to achieve lofty heights, the partridge shows that we should be aware of the pitfalls of what we do.

Partridge in Different Culture

Biblically, the partridge is presented as a bird which gets eggs of other birds from their nests and tries to hatch them. This can be seen as a bad trait, or one which should not be followed. However in later beliefs, the Partridge is presented in a redeeming light, reflecting that image of Christ.

In Greek lore, the Partridge is believed to be a person transformed into a bird. This goes back to the legend of Perdix, who was turned into a Partridge in order to be saved from a fall.

In Asian lore, the Partridge is said to be an especially favorite animal of the moon.

Association with Celestial Forces

The Partridge is closely associated in Greek mythology with Athena, a favored bird which is full of wisdom. The Partridge serves the goddess well. In this way, the Partridge itself is associated with feminine forces, as a servant of the goddess and a fertility symbol.

The Partridge is also associated with lunar forces, an especially beloved bird of the moon. In this she has access to the forces of the moon, both dark and bright aspects.

Partridge in Alchemy

Birds have a particular significance in alchemy. As one that is transformed form man to bird, this ability is one that is highly favored in al-chemical works. Using this power helps the alchemist work well in creation and transmutation.

The Partridge shows up a spirit guide when

  • You are working to gain new knowledge.
  • You are in a situation you need care in.
  • You need a guide for fertility.
  • You need to learn to work alone.
  • You feel a force for safety and caution.

Call on the partridge as a spirit guide when

  • You are in a situation you need protection or safety in
  • You would like to gain insights in fields outside your expertise
  • You seek to have help in fertility
  • You need access to feminine energies
  • You would like to learn to be more cautious in your work.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013