In Australia, parrots are well admired and are talkative.

The trapeze of Oceanic land is colored by about 50 species of parrots including galah, budgerigah , corella , cockatoo , ground-parrot and rosella.

The parrots creating colorful cloud communities exhibit a diversity of communicating tones. A few species live in solitary. Within the flock, the complex relationships of parrots make it more stable. Adapted o taste fruits and nuts, their beaks are hook shaped and well-built.

Lorikeets, who feed on nectar, have appropriately specialized tongues. Parrots that are preferred as pets are intelligent enough to imitate human beings.

Parrots also notify us about the life and nature.

  • We fail to appreciate what we see everyday due to regularity and routine sighting. Indeed, the parrots who are common, are an aspect of nature`s elegance, although we fail to notice.
  • Color is a medicine: Vividly colored parrots remind us about colors as a therapeutic medicine. What can the colors alter in our lodgings, behavior and profession? Think of their importance.
  • The “touch effect “: In flock gatherings and when parenting the young folks, parrots groom each other. The practice is a parasite solution as well as a powerful bond between individuals. Think how, the hug from your parent encourages you? How does your buddy`s pat on the back helped you in your hardships?

Parrot energy deals with friendliness and compassion. A successful friendship should empower us, and inspire us during our lifetime. If your social relationships are deficient of those factors, perhaps there is a flow.

  • Facing obstacles: In achieving our goals, we often exhaust ourselves about disposable hindrances. Neglect them, like the parrots that fly searching for food. They float above their obstacles.
  • Mutually beneficial exchanges: A parrot arriving at a tree for nourishment helps the tree to pollinate in return. Likewise, reach out for your neighbors; assist them in possible ways as you gain their assistance. It would be a positive feedback.
  • Parrot`s communication skills? I highly suggest we must absorb what is beneficial. we must use the communication skills of a parrot more productively , not wasting precious time on gossips or rumor services.
  • Acquaintance skills: Potentially, every possible pair of parrots within a flock can have a good communication. Likewise, we must utilize our tactics when getting in acquaintance with the strangers.
  • Celebration and motivation: Parrots celebrate as an entity in their gatherings. They feed one another, communicate well, and groom each other. Such celebrative encounters as well, motivate your desperate soul.

The shadow aspects of parrot

  • People who dislike parrots never admire the glamour of everyday. They find life as a sequence of failures deficient of an enjoyment.
  • They lack communication skills, especially during close relationships with family, friends and peers. They have trouble in greeting a person, making nice remarks and verbal politeness.
  • It could hurt themselves as well as the others, so that social ring around you will refuse more and more.


The parrot also will assist you at the precise moment and venue. During your friendly chats, during nice gossips, the parrot might grant you a favor.

Dressing in a fine choice of vibrant colors, having a colorful collection of parrot feathers, and offering them their favorite edibles (fruits and nuts ) are the methods of contacting a parrot.

Parrot shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be able to use your language well.
  • You need to understand mockery.
  • You need pair bonding.
  • You need rains.
  • You need guidance.

Call on Parrot as a spirit guide when

  • You need wisdom to think before speaking.
  • You need to understand the power of language.
  • You need to mock others.
  • You need to bond with another person.
  • You need to have rain.

By Flo Saul
Mar 25, 2013