Palm Civet

Palm Civet

So, what does the palm civet mean from a spiritual perspective?

The palm civet is quite an unusual animal. It is an animal that is generally used as a rat catcher and common on the islands of Less Sunda. They are nocturnal animals and can at times be active in the daytime. The animal is sometimes called the toddy cat and lives a solitary lifestyle. These animal point to feeling unaware of our current situation. As a solitary in regards to how they live and interact it could be a stark warning that it is important to remain discreet in all affairs. This animal totem also focuses on the characteristics of not only patients but also the detachment from difficulties. The palm civet if seen or alternatively appears in meditation is symbolic to the power of solitude.

The palm civet can also be identified as the actual "Toddy Cat" since it loves to consume fermented hand flower sap, which makes them somewhat tipsy.

Additionally they like to consume fruit, bugs, small mammals as well as birds.

Also, they are liable for what may be the priciest coffee on the planet. Palm Civets possess a hankering for eating coffee cherries nonetheless they don't absorb the bean. These types of beans tend to be then gathered and offered as civet espresso. Evidently they just eat the actual ripest espresso cherries which lead to their coffees being the highest quality. Somebody within their vast knowledge and entrepreneurial guru has started conveying these in the US where it retails to US$175 for each pound of coffee!

Their Latina name Paramours Hermaphrodites originates from the fragrance glands below their tails which look like testicles. They squirt foul smelling fragrance at their own would-be attackers in a manner much like that of the skunk.

They mainly reside in palm trees and shrubs but happen to be known to consider up residence within the roof's associated with peoples houses where they are able to create quite a annoyance of on their own - thumping around through the night and stinking in the place using their smelly protection mechanism.

Civet's Wisdom Contains

  • Adore of isolation.
  • Impact use associated with pheromones.
  • Relationship issues.

Palm Civet shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You love solitude.
  • You need to connect to the night.
  • You need to understand the effects of use of pheromone.
  • You need time to be alone.
  • You need to study your surroundings.

Call on palm Civet as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be alone.
  • You need time for meditation.
  • You need to connect to the night.
  • You need to understand your surrounding.
  • You need to know the effects of using pheromones.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013