The oyster is a curious animal in that it produces a wondrous gem of a pearl from something as ordinary as sand.

Here are some keywords which relate to the oyster:

  • Balance.
  • Filtering.
  • Protection.
  • Finding inner self.
  • Hidden treasure.
  • Sensitivity to surroundings.
  • Peaceful.
  • Aphrodisiac.

The oyster is a tightly closed animal, protecting itself and hiding its actions from observers. It learns to live with the currents, showing us how to be balanced in our lives. It is simple, quiet and harmonious with its surroundings.

It has a hard shell, but is soft inside. This demonstrates both masculine and feminine characteristics.

Oyster as a Totem Animal

The Oyster as a spirit guide is one which reflects a passive, yet strong nature. As a totem, this is what the Oyster signifies

Toughness and Strength

Although it may be small, the oyster is a very tough creature. It shows us how we too must sometimes learn to bear our lives with a tough exterior. All the while, we retain our own individuality and emotions in our selves. It is hard to open, symbolizing our need to not give in to any stress or outside forces so easily. It shows us how we can protect ourselves at times when so many things seem to be attacking us.

Peace and Harmony

It is a quiet and peaceful creature. It is non-violent and does not prey on others. This too it what it shows us, through the oyster we have access to becoming more peaceful and one with our environment. Though the waters around us may be turbulent, we do not become part of the stress but hang on and remain calm. We are also in balance with the environment that surrounds us.

Turning Struggle into Triumph

From specks of dirt, stress and other negative factors, the oyster turns all of these into triumphant little gems known as pearls. Through the oyster we have access to this wonderful ability. From the problems which seemingly harm us, we learn to turn them into our little triumphs. We can turn bad situations into beautiful ones.

Oysters in different cultures

The association with oysters as an aphrodisiac is known from ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. They consumed several oysters to boost their virility as lovers. There are many associations with oysters as an Aphrodisiac, perhaps coming from the fact the Aphrodite, the goddess of love herself, was born from the sea. Most paintings symbolize this birth atop a sea shell.

Pearls also figure greatly in ancient cultures. The Celts held these in high regard, believing it to be associated with their goddess of the sea.

Association with celestial forces

The oyster and the pearl are both associated with good things. In Christianity, the pearl symbolizes the Kingdom of Heaven.

Oysters and pearls are associated with lunar forces. The pearl itself is like the moon as it shines and is iridescent. It serves as a reminder of beauty and strength.

The oyster and pearl is also associated with different goddesses of the sea, the moon and of love. It is a mysterious force, with its being hard to open. But once opened, reveals a great gist in a pearl.

Oysters in alchemy

The trans-mutative powers of oysters are well known as they are able to turn ordinary dirt into pearls. This power is sought after as the efforts of the alchemists are to turn base metals into gold.

In alchemy and magic, its potential for sexual energy has also been tapped into. As a power for change, oysters are indeed powerful symbols to draw energy from.

The Philosopher’s stone as well, is called a precious pearl in many texts.

The Oyster shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You are facing many difficulties in your life.
  • The period in your life calls for harmony.
  • You notice a feeling of calm protecting you.
  • You are about to triumph out of adversity.
  • Your strength needs to be boosted.

Call on an Oyster as a spirit guide when

  • You want to turn your struggles into a victory.
  • You need to assimilate the information surrounding you.
  • You are low on physical and emotional energy.
  • You need protection from stress.
  • You need a time of peace for yourself.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013