Owl spiritual meaning

Are your thoughts getting disturbed by the symbol of an owl which is invading every now and then?

When you see an owl disturbing your thought processes then it signifies that the symbol is trying to tell you something.

In Greek mythology, the owl was considered to be very sacred. It was depicted as a companion of Athena, the Greek goddess of learning. The picture of an owl was used on the faces of coins used during the Greco-Roman periods. The symbol was used to signify wealth and status in those times. It also denoted intelligence of the kings and emperors who ruled over Greece and Rome in those days.

The ancient culture of Egypt described the owl to be the guardian of the underworld. The owl was also depicted as the protector of all those who were dead. It had the same status in the ancient Celtic culture. In the ancient culture of the Hindus, the owl was described as the companion of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Owls are seen to be a symbol of death to most Native American tribes.

It is an unlucky omen if owls hoot. This resulted in the ancient tribes creating stories which have been passed down. It was said that if they cried or stayed out at night, the owl could take them away. Some tribes linked ghosts to owls with the bony circles which are found around the eyes of an owl being considered as the marks of fingernails of the ghost.

To see an owl in broad daylight is an immensely rare occasion. Very few have ever seen an owl in the daytime. But if you see it by any chance then you will feel blessed by Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth in the Hindu mythology. Even if you have the symbol of an owl invading your thoughts, you may feel that at last you are having good fortune. As the owl is a nocturnal bird it is very rarely seen during the day.

It cannot see properly in the daylight and sometimes when it is not able to return to its nest before the dawn breaks, it can be seen sitting somewhere, waiting for it to become dark. Because the owl is seen only after nightfall, it has been given a negative symbolism. The owl has been shown to have a direct relationship with death as it can be seen at night, watching over everything with its big round baleful eyes.

Sometimes the owl was considered to be a symbol of honor. It was thought that the souls of all those who had passed away were put under the care of the owl for safe-keeping. It was said in the mythologies that whenever a soul was released from the body of a bad person, the owl would accompany the soul to the underworld. The symbolic meanings assigned to the owl can be listed as follows:

  • Solemn and wise.
  • Mysterious as the night.
  • Forecaster of changes.
  • Sender of dark messages.
  • Being intelligent.
  • Creator of mysticism.
  • Protective cover.
  • Secretive nature.

The owl is held to be a symbol of wisdom and foresight to the native people of America. All sacred information is kept and protected by the owl. In their ancient Native American culture, the owl could forecast the weather. The ability of an owl to see at night represented the power to see things when nobody else can. The ceremonies performed by the witch doctors of the Native American tribes used to be a regular ritual.

Whenever they required information about some unexplained occurrence, they would invoke the spirit of the wise owl for the explanation. The owl was considered as carrier of secret messages by the ancient Voodoo cultures of West Africa and also the ancient culture of the Bushmen or native people of Australia. The owl was thought to be related to magicians and sorcerers. The native people of Australia thought that the mystics and the medicine people were accompanied by owls in their travels.

In Western and Central Europe, during the medieval ages, owls were considered to be disguises used by witches and wizards. To this day brooms and owls are thought to be very intimately related to witches and the like. An image of an owl coming in your thoughts signifies that you are coming under the influence of all the traits related to the owl.


Owl shows up as a spirit guide when...


  • You are looking for wealth.
  • You are needing a wise insight.
  • You  need protection during the night.
  • You have been hiding something from someone.


Call on an Owl as a spirit guide when...


  • You are needing the wisdom to overcome a task.
  • You need patience to wait something out.
  • There is financial needs.
  • There are changes in your life and you need to fly over them smoothly.

By Flo Saul
Jan 30, 2013