According to the geographical distribution, otters live either in the sea or in rivers.

Thus their lives are spent in touch with two elements of life, water and earth.

The femininity, and its influence over the world, is related to Otter Medicine.

The otter families are consisted of playful families. It is an interesting task to watch them rolling over each other in a river. Despite, the dangers and the consumptive problems they are facing, the whole otter family leads a playful, carefree, delighted life.

We have at least one pleasurable memory of enjoying a game during our childhood. Some of us lived the bird life of a child with utmost freedom. But most of us were hoping to grow up, looking for the real life in adulthood. When we realize the truth, we are already adults.

But we can still live with the child inside us. We can still enjoy the playfulness within us. Learn from the otter. It is no wonder that, ancient wise world including Native Americans and Celts accepted that otter was the master of playing.

But do you think that you cannot simply neglect your duties and begin playing like a silly child? Otter will teach you the method. Just detach from your memory, the facts that are not worth burdening. There are many problems in your head that you can do nothing about.

There are problems in your head that would no longer bother you if you just spare a few minutes for them. Detach from the mind obstacles, yet be informative and curious like an otter. Otters suddenly appear over human boats and curiously inspect the flowing cabin along with the materials and people in it.

Then, they let the river to take this unnecessary heap away. Likewise, let go of unwanted heaps, but inspect with care. If you see the fish, never let go. This, lifestyle is comparable to a flowing river.

Femininity is for both sexes. Both men and women have the x chromosomes in their gene pools. Thus, we all have a feminine aspect in our life. This does not mean the envy and spitefulness. We all should embed the elegance and kindness within us. We all should dedicate a space of our life to love the others, welcome the others without prejudice or paranoia. Then the society would be full of harmony and compassion without crimes.

Our life faces its ebbs and flows like a river flowing through even earth. Otters live close to the water element which represents the ability to accept the life, accept the situations and challenges. Like an otter floating with freedom, yet performing great skills, we must let our river of life flow in peace. Accept what you have to face. Face the victories and defeats with equal courage.

Be conversational like an otter. Express yourself. Have you heard an otter`s call of fright which is like an infant? Your communication skills play a major role when dealing with your foes as well as your friends.

Parenting skills are clearly visible in otters who teach their incapable youngsters hoe to swim. In the due course, they spend a long time with their little ones. Yet, they lead a playful and happy life. But, as humans we are not so competent in balancing the two.

Learn it from the otter. Otters always enjoy in small communities rather than alone. They have the capability of looking after each other. Thus, otter people are fond of the life on water as well as the life in an interactive community.

Otter shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be sensible without suspicion.
  • You need guidance in unmasking your talents.
  • You need to be joyous.
  • You need to have laughter.
  • You need to take some things lightly.

Call on otter as a spirit guide when

  • You need togetherness.
  • You need to be curious.
  • You need to be playful.
  • You need to be very creative.
  • You need to understand water magic.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013