The Oryx or Gemsbok is a graceful symbol.

With its slender legs, long horns and graceful stature, he has come to mean many things.

The Oryx is much similar to the antelope in some regards. It is fast and agile, able to leap over obstacles. It is not an aggressive animal, but prefers to be with its herd.

With its long and pointed horns, it can gamely defend itself from predators or rivals. Though amiable and cool headed, the Oryx or Gemsbok will protect others if it feels the need to do so.

Oryx/Gemsbok as a Totem Animal

The Oryx and Gemsbok serve as guides because of their innate abilities for survival. They are adept creatures, with majestic and slender features in their horns. They are powerful totems as they can help people overcome their problems and give them swiftness in both mind and action.

  • Speed.
  • Agility.
  • Grace.
  • Hurdles / obstacles.
  • Survival.
  • Calmness.
  • Works well with a group.
  • Protective.

Protection and Defense

The Oryx is naturally protective creature, yet it does not attack unless necessary. It is amiable but ready to defend at all times. As a totem, the Oryx shows us the strength we need to protect ourselves and those we love, but it also shows the wisdom we need to discern when we need to do so.

Speed and Agility

This totem speaks to us so that we may be able to find the quickness we need in resolving our problems and fears. As the Oryx and Gemsbok does, we learn how to hurdle over our problems through being agile. We also learn to move quickly and recognize the solution at once.

Understanding and Calmness

The Oryx is a peaceful animal, which blends well with its serene environment. Though it is quick, it is not anxious. It remains graceful and calm, but acts fast when needed. It teaches us to do the same, to be aware and understand, but be still in our minds and hearts.

Association with Celestial Forces

The Oryx and Gemsbok’s ability to run fast has associated it with wind forces as well as those of the wind deities. It is a messenger or steed of such forces and often celestial beings can take the form of such animals. Air is also an attribute of thought and intellectual prowess. In magical traditions one will focus on air when they need keep insight, the right words, or to change thought patterns.

The Oryx or Gemsbok’s cousin, the antelope is also regarded as a god. With its ability to survive in the desert as well as its speed and agility, it is thought of a messenger to convey feelings of speed and survival. These elements were crucial to those living in desert environments and can indicate that you need to focus on these aspects of your own life. Perhaps you are not doing all that you can to be successful in a certain situation in your life, or you are not adapting to your surroundings.

Oryx in Alchemy

The Oryx or Gemsbok is a powerful source for alchemists. Its horns were once thought to be those of the unicorns. It is used widely in many potions in spells, often as an aphrodisiac or love potion. It is also thought to have the power to contain spirits. They have found many uses in many salves and potions. The animal is prized for its power for speed; strength and agility are highly prized for the power they contain.

Oryx shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to hurdle over your problems.
  • You are needing to be a part of work or home life you're feeling left out.
  • You are falling behind in your work or personal life and you need speed.
  • Your life is off balance and you need a graceful hand.

Call on an Oryx as a spirit guide when

  • You need to have an outer shell to help protect you from harm.
  • You need the power to rise above the shortcomings of others.
  • You are overwhelmed by changes in your life and you need to calm down.
  • You are having difficulties with working with others.

By Flo Saul
Jan 28, 2013