The orioles are medium sized animals, measures at approximately 20-30 cm; male species are a bit taller than female orioles.

The bill is partially hooked and it has the same measurement of its head.

These creatures are monogamous, their choice of nesting ground is rather peculiar, they choose a place which is near a more dominant type of specie, ironically these type of behavior has been proven to be an effective way to protect their young lings.

Orioles are mainly omnivores, fruits; seed and other type of herbs are a favorite part of their diet. Orioles are common in Australia, Asia and Africa. Most of them live in a secluded forest, but others especially the migrating species survives in an open place.

Oriole is a symbol that the worst is over, the sun will soon smile on you and you will experience brighter days. There is a probability that you are having the toughest challenge in your life. Perhaps you have endured a lot of heartaches and the Oriole is giving you a sign that your luck will soon change for the better. Rejoice! This will be the sweetest time of them all.

It can also mean that a person close to you is in need of your sunshine (joy), observe your friends and shower him with a few sun rays, he badly need it. But also be cautious, there is a chance that you will also get involved in this kind of mess.

Question is how far are you willing to go to save a friend? Be wary, this is the event that will test your friendship bond. Just remember never to lose that sunshine and you’ll get along pretty well.

This creature is connected with Archangel Auriel giving him the attributes of mysticism and nature spirit. Oriole is associated with unknown creatures and things from the nether worlds. These are things that are keeping its identity away from us and things that want to maintain its secrecy.

They are also a sign never to forget the things that made us happy as a child. There is a chance that you are so stressed at the moment and forgot to smile. Think back and remember those days that made you laugh when you were just a kid.

Remember how simple life is and how simple things can make you giggle with excitement. Don’t you just wish you can just turn back times and live your whole life as a child? Actually life is just simple; we are the one who are making it complicated.

Analyze the things that is bothering your mind, most of the time we already know how to resolve those conflicts, but we aren’t that brave to do it. As a result we will create lies just to keep that secret, thus making things more complicated.

Oriole appears as an animal spirit when

  • You are losing hope on your situation.
  • You need to have an open mind.
  • You are forgetting simple things that made you smile.
  • Someone is seeking for your support.
  • You want to keep life simple.

Call on Oriole as an animal spirit when

  • You want to find the strength to face another day of your life.
  • You are being bothered by the elements of nature.
  • You’re life is so complicated.
  • A friend is in need.
  • You want to appreciate thins the way they are.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013