Orangutan possesses a large body with strong arms and short legs.

This creature can be identified with their red/brown color and a gray/black skin.

It has a large head with a noticeable mouth. These species display a huge sign of sexual dimorphism females can grow at around 127 cm and weigh at approximately 45.4 kg, while the male orangutan measures at 175 cm and weigh at about 118 kg.

Their hands have a striking similarity with the human hands, with four long fingers and a thumb. Orangutans are a fist walker compared to similar creatures like the gorilla which is a knuckle walker. The only difference is their ability to grasp on things. These creatures use both of its hand and feet to create a strong grip.

Orangutan is a symbol of the relationship between mother and child. If this creature presented itself to you, it is probably a sign that you should analyze your relationship with your mom. What are the things you did to show her that you appreciate the things that she did to you?

Or is it time to live on your own, not necessarily letting go of the bond but more of living independently, making her proud that you can stand on your own because of the goodness she taught you. Never forget the things that your mom taught you and always be thankful for her presence.

There is a chance for an inevitable goodbye, so cherish these moments with her.

Orangutans are also a sign of creation and manifestation. We can basically relate it to our goals in life. What are the plans we are creating to put our dreams into manifestation? A dream must not stay as a dream; we must do our best to achieve them.

As we always try to remind our readers, think well, plan well and do well. And never give up; perseverance is the oil that is driving our dreams. Keep on believing that your dreams will soon come true. Orangutan is also a sign that we are losing control of our self and we need a jolt for us to wake up that we need to take the right path for a better future.

Orangutans are not sociable creatures. They can pretty survive on their own with the intelligence they possessed. They have the ability to analyze thing and use it to their advantage, a sign that we humans, should also do our best to thrive in this changing world.

We must understand that hard times will always come and we must do every possible way in order to survive. And it is also a representation that we should start associating our self to our surroundings.

Orangutan shows as an animal spirit when

  • You have a misunderstanding with your Mom.
  • You are losing control of your life.
  • You are seeking for reasons to live and survive.
  • Opportunities presented itself to us.
  • We are facing tough challenges.

Call on Orangutan as an animal spirit when

  • You want to fix your relationship with your mom.
  • You need a clear plan for your future.
  • You are losing hope in life.
  • We need to decide on a life changing opportunity.
  • We want to survive a tough challenge but we are hesitating to ask for support and help.

By Flo Saul
Mar 27, 2013