Orange - Color Therapy

Orange - Color Therapy

Orange is obtained by combining red and yellow, it is the opposite of the azure color (a combination of blue and green), and it has been given its English name after the orange fruit, introduced in Europe in the 15th century.

If you are interested in optics, the orange color will be found when looking at light at a wavelength between 585 and 620 mm, with a hue of 30° in the HSV color space.


Orange is associated with the chakra situated in the lower part of the abdomen (referring to organs such as uterus, ovaries etc.). This chakra is believed to be related to the self respect of a person. Orange is a beautiful color, and it is used in medicine with different purposes. So, orange will be used in medicine in order to treat several diseases like: digestion problems, low blood rate, stiffness and spasms, lungs, spleen and pancreas problems, and also it is known to have a good effect on stressed out people. Orange is a color that basically has no counter indications.

The orange color is used as a treatment for so many diseases because of its effects. These effects are: orange makes us more joyful, creative, independent, self-confident and sociable. Orange stimulates us and gives us energy, it has a warm effect, and can increase sexual pleasure. It is also known as an anti-fatigue color, and one that improves the immune system. It is a good color against stress because of the improvements it brings in our life's equilibrium.

Orange has so positive connotations around the globe. So, orange is thought to be the color of kinship by American Indians, it is Netherland’s national color ( their football team also being known as “The mechanical orange”), and in Asian countries like China and Japan it symbolizes happiness and love. A person who doesn’t like orange may have problems in his or her private sensual life, not being able to enjoy it.

Some people believe that if you drive an orange car, you are kind, loving and a friendly person. Supporting this idea is famous artist Frank Sinatra, who said “Orange is the happiest color.”, and also an interesting point of view belongs to Wassily Kandinsky, who said that  "Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow." Also in fashion a nuance of orange was chosen as the 2012 color. This was more a tangerine tango color. In magic, orange candles are used for progression in careers.

By Florance Saul
Feb 12, 2013