Opossums vary from small-medium sizes their largest record exceeds that of a domesticated house cat.

This creature has a strong immune system and can resist venom's of some of the most poisonous snakes like the rattlesnakes, pit vipers and cottonmouths.

Consequently, this creature has a lower possibility to have rabies compared to wild dogs.

There is a tale about why the opossum’s tail is bare, entitled “Rabbit, Possum and Cricket”. Several variations of this story can be found over the internet. An account on the bible states that Noah’s son is using possum’s hair on the ark to create a banjo. There is also folklore about this creature being a trickster. It is about the Possum that stole the doctor’s supper. In New Jersey an urban story about its sexual intercourse is well known by the locals, but studies proved that no such thing can occur. The story of Amazonian Indians resembles a cunning similarity on the Possum’s Tail.

Opossum is a reminder that using our brain is a lot more effective than using our strengths. A brilliant mind to quickly react to a certain situation is a lot better than using muscle. Possum can teach us all that just by observing its movement.

Possums are trickster, challenging us to outsmart him. It is also advising us to have the cunning ability to observe fraud people. Never trust someone so easily, it is better to get to know him a lot more, but still always leave a place for doubt even if you know him that well. A lot of times those people who are close to our heart can hurt us the most.

This creature is also teaching us to evade dangers. When you think there is no way out, call on this animal spirit and it will provide you with wisdom that can help you flee from dangers. It is never a sign of cowardice to flee from a danger; it is just your reaction to survive. It is brave to face a danger, but it also requires a certain level of courage to say that you can no longer handle an event and you need to escape it.

It is also a sign to be contented on your features, any alteration made on your physical look can only result to later rejections. In fact possums are teaching us that your physical characteristic play a small amount on socialization. What matters most is your wit and intelligence and abilities that you can showcase. Physical appearance will decrease as time goes by, but your talents and capabilities will never grow old, it will continue to improve if you just find a way to hone it.

Opossum shows as a spirit guide when

  • A situation requires that we should use our brain more than our brawn.
  • When we need to use our mind for our advantage.
  • Surrounded by hypocrites.
  • Losing confidence due to our physical appearance.
  • We need extra guidance and enlightenment.

Call on Opossum as an animal spirit when

  • Facing an eminent danger, and we need to escape it.
  • We need information that will benefit us.
  • We need to analyze the true intentions of the people surrounding us.
  • We need to be more proud of our other traits rather than our physical characteristics.
  • We are searching for answers on our questions.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013