Okra Spell

Okra Spell

If you have a problem with someone (or if someone has a problem with you), one of the best ways to protect yourself is to use an Invisibility or a Protection Spell.

One way to complete this was by using a okra. Okra is a magical vegetable, which is used in cooking. In Spanish it is also known as “quimbombo”, and it is a herb which has powerful effects on removing negative energies, or on helping you survive a difficult situation. The special thing about okra is the slimy mucilage that it creates when cut. To help you slide out of a situation, there is a spell which uses okra.

On a plate put a figural candle which will represent the person who wants to slide out of the situation.

If there is more than one person, offertory candles will be used for the other people. These candles should be dressed in Fiery Protection Oil, and have the names of the persons written on the wax. Around the plate 21 okra pods should be placed, and in the center, a paper with the names of the people who are trying to slide out of a situation.

These names should have written alongside them, in circles, the following words:

“Out of sight, out of mind”

The candles should be left to burn. This will help the people get or slide out of any situation. 

Okra Spiritual Bath for removing problems

If you feel that someone is laying tricks on you, taking an okra bath will help you calm down and get rid of this problem.

  • In order to prepare for the okra bath you first need a large bowl, a smaller bowl, some white rum, some salt, a strainer and of 13 okra pods.
  • Place the 13 okra pods in the smaller bowl, and then add two cups of water.
  • The next step is to break the okra pods using your hands, in order to get as much mucilage out of them.
  • While doing this, say the Psalm 23.

After you are done squeezing the okra pods, strain the pieces of okra and place the fluid into the bigger bowl. You will only need the fluid; get rid of the pieces now. 

  • In the bigger bowl add water, enough to fill it.
  • Add some rum and some salt.

After this you have to stir with your hands while praying to God that he will help you slide out of the situation and that other people will no longer have bad intentions towards you.

  • On each side of the bath you should put two white candles, which will be there when you will exit the bath.
  • Take the bowl with you and after disrobing, get into the shower. The fluid must be poured on your head, while saying the Psalm 23.
  • Make sure to cover all your body with the fluid.
  • After this is done, you should bath, and when exiting the bath step backwards and make sure to go between the two candles. 
  • You should not capture any water used in the bathing process.

You must remain calm and relaxed for the rest of that day. 

By Flo Saul
Dec 24, 2012