Hoodoo Oils are powerful magical products used for magical purposes.

If you do not have any special oil then you can use olive oil.

Adding herbs to the oil captures the power, while the base oil is used to concentrate the power. The candles must be chosen according to their colors and purpose. Green is for money, red for love, white for blessing and protection, black for cursing, yellow for success and purple for power. In order for it to work, the purpose must be carved in the candle with something sharp - such as a nail or needle. The name of the beneficiary and the birth date must also be written.
After that, the user should pour 2-3 drops of the hoodoo oil in the hand and then get it close to the candle. If the spell is used to attract something, the oil must be stroked towards the person, and if the user must push away a certain something, the oil is stroked in the other direction.

Powders and herbs

The Hoodoo Sachet Powders can be used to increase the effect of the candle, and the necessary powder can be sprinkled right above the burning flame of the previously oiled candle. The herb bath can form a circle around the same candle, like a ring, so the good use can be to the maximum. These herbs can be used in many domains, not only for baths.

Name paper

A photo of the person targeted is needed, facing down. On the back, the person must write for three times the purpose he or she has. If it is a good purpose, the photo must be turner ¼ clockwise, otherwise ¼ counter-clockwise. The name of the person targeted is written also three times on the back, forming a matrix on the photo. The Hoodoo Oil is then used by dabbing the corners of the photo and also the center, in a situation called five-spotting. For a greater effect, the user can dust some hoodoo powder as well.

Candle spell

The person's photo needs to be placed below a dinner plate. Herbs can be sprinkled around it. The person must pray then light a candle while reflecting on the spell. The remains are to be gathered and disposed at a crossroads, buried or put in running water.

Condition oils

Just after an herb bath, the person can add hoodoo oil on the body. It is advisable to test first the oil so it is not bad for the skin. The recommended points of dabbing are the wrists, ears, heart and the foot’s bottom. Right after the cleansing bath, protective oil can be used, so that the cleansing is complete.

By Florance Saul
Dec 24, 2012