Ocelot grows at approximately 68-100 cm. in length plus its tail which measures at around 26-45 long.

It weighs at about 8-18 kg, but there is a current record of a heavier ocelot.

The ocelot is a much larger creature compared to the margay.

Ocelot stands for balance, having a clear vision on light and dim places. This is a reminder that we should always find the light during our darkest times. A sign that it is only us that is making life complicated. Find the lighter side on every situation.

Ocelot also symbolizes defense and courage. It teaches us to fight on our belongings and be ready to defend them to those people who are trying to take them away. Ocelot is sending us a message if we are prepared to everything that will come our way. How long are you willing to give up for the sake of your loved ones? How far are you willing to go just to protect the things that matters to you?

This animal also teaches us to follow our instinct. Have faith on our self, our core value will guide us, if there is a time that we reach a dead end, we can always turn our back and start again. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, mistakes are a lesson that made us fiercer and more intelligent. Mistake is a reminder that we are human that needs to continuously evolve.

When this animal appear to you, it is sending us a message never to trust anyone so easily, there are people using you for their advancement. Learn to be cold hearted, but only when it is needed. It is better to have a few friends that you can trust, than have hundreds of fraud people surrounding you. Learn the ability to analyze people. Learn to observe those people who are cloaking behind their smiles when in fact they are acting like a parasite, consuming on your significant belongings and will leave you afterwards.

This creature is also a good companion on times that you need to take care of several things. When there are lots of things that are needed to be done, call on this animal spirit and it will help you. Its power is very effective to people who need its guidance during the times that you are thinking on a lot of things. It is also a reminder that we have to prioritize something, not necessarily giving up the other; we are just setting it aside for a while so we can focus on things better and have a more favorable result.

Ocelot shows as an animal spirit when

  • You have a big problem.
  • Someone is planning to sabotage you.
  • We need to trust our gut feelings.
  • Someone is using us to his benefit. More like a parasite.
  • We need to have our minds on several things.

Call on Ocelot as an animal spirit when

  • You are undergoing a trial that won’t go away that easily.
  • You feel that someone is trying to take your valuable belongings away from you.
  • We need to decide on a life changing events.
  • You are asking for a sign whether to trust someone or not.
  • We need to take care of a lot of things.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013