Nightingale is a small passerine bird that was initially classified as thrush family member but it is now considered to be an old world flycatcher.

It also belongs to chats species which is a more terrestrial species.

They are slightly larger than the European robin. They are mainly brown above but their tails are reddish in colour and buff white bellow.

They are majorly found in Europe and south Asia although some can be traced to Americas. They have the name nightingale because they usually sing at night and even during the day. They like to sing a lot.

It is an important symbol for the poets from a variety of ages. For instance, Shakespeare compared his love poetry to the song of nightingale.

Those who have the power of nightingale are very poetic and they love music. They express themselves through songs and poetry. Poetry is a unique way of expressing information to the audience. It is a way of educating, informing and entertaining your target audience. Some information is best passed through poets or songs rather than direct confrontation with the information. This is because as the audience get entertained through the song, they also get information that you have put across for them

Nightingale’s wisdom also include: using vibration energy to see in a shadow, using song properly in healing, use of song in moving through fear, connection with the moon.

Songs are used as a way of healing to our souls and hearts. Those who feel depressed can listen to a song and then they get motivated and they become lively. Music creates a lively environment even to those who are bored and discouraged. Music heals the wounds in our lives and soothes our spirit. If you feel hurt and you start listening to encouraging and motivational songs, you get healed fast than someone who don’t listen to songs.

Music is very emotional and it tends to change our emotions depending on the kind of music we listen to. Just try to listen to given kind of music and you will realise what am talking about. When you listen to love music, you get emotions related to love. You start feeling the love. The same applies to spiritual songs. When you listen to them, you get spiritual and you move higher and higher in the spirit. When you are discouraged, you listen to encouraging songs and you get encouragement.

Nightingale also teaches us that we can use songs to move through fear in life, in our surrounding and from our enemies. They sing at night when it is dark. Night is always associated with danger because of the darkness at night.  When they sing at night they scare away the enemies and they drive away fear as they sing. We should also learn to love singing so we can always drive away fear through our songs. When we listen to music, we also drive away fear. Some songs for instance, the war songs are meant to give us a strong spirit that can strengthen our heart and makes us gain power and strong spirit. We need the spirit of nightingale to thrive through fear by singing and listening to sweet encouraging war songs.

They also portray the connection to the moon. This is because of their sight that is meant to work even effectively at night. The moon improvises the sun. When there is sun during the day, the moon comes at night. Those who have nightingale power are very active at night more than during the day.

Nightingale shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need energy to see some invisible things.
  • You need music to provide healing.
  • You have some fear.
  • You need to be very active.
  • To need to overcome your fear.

Call on Nightingale as a spirit guide when

  • You need healing.
  • You need to be emotionally stable.
  • You feel hurt.
  • You need to remain active even at night.
  • You feel discouraged.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013