Nighthawk is a nocturnal bird that belongs to the subfamily of Chordenae. They are of medium size.

They are considered as the new world bird.They usually feed on flying insects with their bills that opens so wide. They do have small feet that are of little use for walking. Their wings are pointed and they perch facing along a branch instead of across the branch like other birds do. This is to help them get concealed during the day. Their females can lay up to two eggs directly on the ground.

They are very active mostly in the evenings, at night and early in the morning. They usually prey on moths as well as other big flying insects.

They fly in an erratic and jerky way in an attempt to prey on flying insects. They also produce a short, harsh, buzz sound.

Those who have nighthawk as their animal totem usually have characteristics that are very symbolic and important for us to learn from. They provide us with knowledge and wisdom that can help us in our real life situations. We need to call the nighthawk spirit to enable us have some spiritual guidance.

Nighthawk’s knowledge always includes the following: use of body movements, Patience, camouflage, ability to rest when others cannot, and nocturnal vision. It would be important to study each of these one by one to understand the importance of nighthawk knowledge in our live.

It teaches us the use of body movements. They fly in an erratic manner to enable them catch up with their prey which the various flying insects. This is because their prey also flies fast so they don’t get caught. They therefore have to device a method of getting what they want. It teaches us to always make important movements in life that are helpful to us. We should not just move aimlessly without knowing what we are after.

This also symbolizes moving towards our dreams so as to achieve our goals in life. They have nocturnal vision. This also enables them to work effectively at night. This is the reason they are mostly active from evening, at night and in the morning.

They are very patient to get their prey and even in their movements. This teaches us that we need to be very patient in order to get what we want. When we lose patience, we also end up losing what we want to achieve. It is advisable to work patiently towards achieving your goal rather than rushing so much and then ending up failing. Patience pays and those who work patiently get paid well.

Those who have nighthawk power have the ability to rest when others are not able to rest. This is because they can plan their work well to give them ample time to rest. It also symbolizes time consciousness and consistency. It we are time conscious we work at a pace reasonable to us that enable us to finish and even rest.

Do you need the nighthawk power? It is upon you to call the power to give you patience and help you achieve what you want in time.

Nighthawk shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need nocturnal knowledge.
  • You are impatient.
  • You need to change your traits.
  • You need to be a good time manager.
  • You need to be flexible.

Call on Nighthawk as a spirit guide when

  • You need some exercise.
  • You need to change your actions.
  • You should be patient.
  • You need some divine knowledge.
  • You need to rest.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013