Mynas are mid sized bird with tough feet.

Its flight ability is commendable, for its strength and direct approach.

They are often seen at an open country. Insects and fruits are a favorite part of their diet. They are usually dark, but there are other types of Myna that have yellow head.

On western countries, Mynas are often considered as an entertaining bird, its ability to copy the voice of human are a source of pleasure of many people. Another peculiar trait of this bird is that seeds that pass through its digestive system have a higher percentage to germinate.

The bird is sacred to Hindus. This can be explained by Myna’s association with the Banyan Tree which is also sacred to Hindus. Some species of Mynas also play a significant religious role like the Pagoda Myna and the Common Myna, due to their tendency to build their nests on temples.

Mynas are sociable creature, known for its ability to mimic the voice of a human, reminding us to be articulate on the way we speak. Mynas are a constant reminder for us to voice out opinion; those opinions do matter to someone else. It is also a sign to watch the way we speak, be sure that our expression can be the source of joy of others.

When a myna visited you, it may be a sign for you to learn a new language. There is a chance to travel abroad, and stay there for quite a long time. An upcoming event may also require a new language, perhaps a relationship with a foreign business partner or a foreign partner.

It is better to learn something new and continue improving yourself, do not be contented on your present abilities. Life is a continuous process of learning and improvement.

Mynas are also a symbol that you can bring out your personality when surrounded by your circle of friends. Myna people are better in the presence of their friends and families. People who have myna as their totem love to be in the company of someone close to them, it make them feel secured and protected.

Mynas are constantly seen as a pet of the royalties. A sign that you should always be proud of who you are. People will recognize you for your abilities; it is never good to hide behind a fraud personality. Take the limelight and show your talents.

Mynas also possess a certain level of intelligence reminding us to continue seeking for knowledge. Look at the myna and analyze it, look on how it showcases its intelligence, listen to every word and action it is showing you, and learn something from it.

Myna shows as a spirit guide when

  • You are having a difficulty in voicing your opinion.
  • You have a plan to travel abroad.
  • You are not getting the support you need.
  • You are losing your confidence.
  • You are seeking for new wisdom.

Call on Myna as a spirit guide when

  • You are required to speak out your view, perhaps a school event or a situation which requires public speaking.
  • You have an overseas job offer.
  • You are working on a group project.
  • You need to uplift you self esteem.
  • During exams and situations that require good retention's.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013