Musk Ox

Musk Ox

Musk ox possessed a great relevance with sheep and goats.

Musk oxen can grow up to 1.1-1.5 m in height, female musk oxen measures from 135-200 cm in length and the larger mail grow at approximately 200-250 cm.

They have a small tail that measures at about 10 cm. which is often concealed by their fur. They were slated to last for 12-20 years. Their thick fur enables them to survive on places with extreme weather condition.

Inuit believed that Musk-oxen came from a large egg that was buried inside Nunam’s body. It was a by-product of the sexual intercourse that happened between Sila and Nunam.

Musk ox is noticeable for their ability to withstand extreme temperature. Their thick fur enables them to survive on places with cold climates. This is also a sign that we also have to survive our environment despite of the coldness that we receive from the people surrounding us. Consequently their capacity to withstand the extreme temperature is also a reminder that we have to endure every trial that life is giving us.

This creature is also a reminder that we should provide support and warmth to those person we love, during their hard times. The thick fur of the muskoxen is a constant reminder that our friends and family will be in a better condition if we provide them with the protection they are seeking, they need your assurance that you will defend them whenever they are facing tough challenges.

The musk oxen are also a reminder that no matter how tough the situation is, we will always find a comfort in a form of our friends and families. We cannot always rely on our self especially on times that our family’s attention is deeply needed. Do not hesitate to ask for their help, they can provide you with the answers that you are looking for. Sometimes we are looking so far when the answer we are searching for is just in front of us.

Musk Oxen are also a travel guide; it will guide you not only on your physical life but also on your spirit life. Musk ox people love to travel, especially on cold places. They love to travel but make sure that they will always return home. Their family values are deeply rooted on their personality. Musk oxen can also accompany you in embracing nature, they are a great example of not to fight nature but learn to live with it.

They easily associate themselves to other people and instantly form a bond with them. They are the crowd favorite, everyone’s best friend. She is the light that keeps everyone smiling, the energy of the group. Without her the bonds will break and friends will be separated. An ox person is someone that can provide you.

Musk ox shows as a spirit guide when

  • Someone is in need of our support.
  • We are seeking for someone’s attention.
  • We have to endure a certain trial.
  • We are searching for the right path.
  • We need guidance.

Call on musk ox as a spirit guide when

  • We need to show our affection and sympathy to the one we love.
  • We need to be noticed.
  • We are undergoing a difficult situation.
  • We seems lost and disorganize.
  • We need someone enlightenment to properly guide us on our decisions.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013