Even as little as the mouse have its own symbolic meaning which is also diverse across time and culture.

There are lots of interpretations whenever this creature calls your attention in image or for real.

Let’s take a look into its various symbolic meaning. Take into consideration the following words that may be associated with the symbolism of a mouse – resourcefulness, modesty, grounded, adaptability, shyness, innocence, fertility, super-awareness, voraciousness, determination, conservation, cleanliness

In early Greece, mouse has been considered as one of the sacred creatures to the god Apollo. They are being fed to snakes which are known to be super-sacred to the gods like Zeus. For the god Apollo, the characteristic of mice which is profuse in number has been associated to its meaning of abundance. In a belief that mouse is a symbol of abundance and fertility, it does not necessarily mean birthing capability but this can be attributed to being productive in your endeavors and quest for development.

In Native North American Indian, mouse symbolizes youthfulness and innocence because of the modesty and creature’s connection to Mother Earth. In fact, in one of its tribe called Navajo, mice are believed to have great contribution to southern quadrant of their medicine wheel.

This creature is also a symbol of connection between the physical life and world of spirits or the underworld because of its good burrowing ability which is interpreted as oneness to Mother Earth. These creatures are mostly seen at the mouth of the deceased and same interpretation is believed in Western Medieval Europe and being scaled up that mice are carrier of human soul who passed from this life.

However, this point of beliefs has been twisted in Christian views wherein mice are being associated with deceased human makes them carrier of diseases and source of outbreaks. Then they are being believed as a symbol of destruction, hypocrisy and cowardliness.

This is also being contradicted by other interpreters of animal symbolism wherein it is being believed that mice symbolize cleanliness. They say that whenever a mouse visits you, it means that there is a need to look into your surroundings, tidy up your things, there might be something in your mind that needs to be organized within you or with others as well.

Mice is also known for its attribute as being conservers and best hoarders wherein these creatures will grab any opportunity to save whatever it is that they can make use of. Well, what does it suggest us whenever we come across with this tiny little creature? Oftentimes, it sends us a message to look into our resources. Review on how we use these resources and if we have some sense of conservation. Although mice are often seen fond of nibbling, it does not readily mean that all resources must be consumed right away but we rather have to look at it as a message if we are consuming our resources wisely.

A visit of a mouse can also be a signal for us to look into our behavior. This creature is being observed to be shy and nervous at every change in its surrounding. This symbolizes the opposite of arrogance and egoism. Then, if this happens try to retrospect if you are getting aggressive and egoistic in your behavior.

Mouse shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be able to understand the details.
  • You need earth magic.
  • You need to be attentive to little details.
  • You need to understand the obvious.
  • You need to see double meanings in things.

Call on Mouse as a spirit guide when

  • You need behave innocently.
  • You need to have faith.
  • You need to develop some trust.
  • You feel shy.
  • You need to be quiet.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013