From symbolic observations of the moth it can be noted that the moth has almost a similar symbolism as a butterfly except for a few different characteristics which vary between the two species although from the same family.

Many of you have contacted me asking if the moth represents death. In some cultures, namely welsh folklore the moth does indeed represent an "end" this could be psychical or symbolic death. The first question is what is the difference between moths and butterflies? Butterflies are diurnal creatures meaning they are active in the day time while it is the opposite for moths who are nocturnal and therefore are active during the night time when it is dark. The moth like other nocturnal creatures conducts its life- sustaining activities in the dark of night and the various symbolic characteristics of such night creatures include dreams, shadows, secret knowledge and psychic awareness.

Moth shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to find light in darkness.
  • You need to have transformation in your life.
  • You need to confuse the enemies around you.
  • You need power.
  • You need to have ease of movement.

This may be construed by humans to represent living by gut feeling instead of that which we can perceive through our physical senses. Just the way nocturnal creatures like the moth are unperturbed by darkness so should humans because we make use of our dreams, awareness and deeper knowledge in navigating through our symbolic darkest paths. The power of the moon plays an important role in the navigation of the moth at night and this is in line with animal symbolism of intuition and psychic awareness. Thus the moth can help in developing higher awareness and psychic enhancement.

We must be careful to dwell only in higher perception and not overstep into the realm of confusion through having a strong foundation and control so that as you fly high like the moth you always have a clear runway for a safe landing. The moth also symbolizes faith and in the same way humans have faith in moments of uncertainty so does the moth. The moth operates on the pretext that everything she requires will be fulfilled and thus has no doubt about her provisions.

The moth also displays faith and determination as it flies into unnatural light. In its vigilance to follow the path of light, the moth puts its life in danger and is not relenting in the quest to find light man-made or lunar. This is a symbol for us to be vigilant and determined as we pursue our goals but it also serves to warn us not to fall into blind faith like the moth that will risk losing its life in the quest to find light.

Another symbolism we get from observing the moth is its vulnerability especially as it strives to find light and faces a lot of danger when following her course. This leaves her quite vulnerable to harm and without protection from things in her path or the light source like flames. In this we learn to make positive alterations along our pathways instead of driving forward and ignoring important indicators of danger along our paths that could save us from distraction.

There are also symbolism of attraction and allure when observing the moth, as is seen when the female attracts her male by emission of dense pheromones across the night darkness. The female moth exercises discreetness through her scent and is confident in her ability and therefore we humans should also be subtle in our suggestions when attracting our mates. The moth blends well into the environment and this elucidates a symbol for humans to be adaptable to their surroundings and use it into their advantage.

Call on Moth as a spirit guide when

You need to confuse your enemies. You need the power of a whirlwind. You need to move easily in darkness. You need to transform yourself. You need to move easily in shadow.

By Flo Saul
Mar 24, 2013